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Hello, it's me, Max Knoblauch. This week I am going to be listening to "Hello" by Adele,
every day, all day, for the entire week. And I'll never get tired of it, ever in my entire
life. Okay so this is my inaugural listen. "Hello, it's me... Hello from the other side..."Very
happy with it, I love the song. I'm gonna probably be the foremost expert on this song,
maybe in the world. Today's pretty rough. My commute to work is about 5 and a half "Hello"s,
and somewhere probably around the four and a half "Hello" mark I realized, Okay, I've
had enough of this song. I'm losing track of when it ends and when it begins. You train
for a marathon. With this I kind of just jumped into it, and I'm experiencing some real chafing.
Can't imagine that that is having a positive effect on my psyche.Today I wanted to go to
talk to somebody just about how this might be affecting my brain. As you are listening
to it more and more your brain actually sort of entrains which could make it more difficult
for you to actually focus on other things- I didn't listen to a single word you just
said. Keith actually suggested to put me in kind of a chamber where they strap me onto
a bed and put my head in a bucket, and I was locked into a box. Hey Max, how are you doing
in there? You're going to hear three clips from "Hello". "...Hello from the other side..."
I listened to about 30 minutes of "Hello". This really allowed me to just get one-on-one
with Adele. Keith showed me the results of the test. The same neurons are responding
to the same inputs over and over again. It has a sort of tiring out effect. Adele's "Hello"
is killing my brain. Yeah. So today is day 4. But once you're alone in the apartment,
it takes a whole new meaning. It's just me and Adele. Which is not so bad. "...Hello
from the other side..." You can listen to this song 100 times and never get tired of
it. Listen to it 400 times, and you get very agitated around your friends. This project
has been a lot. You know what I mean? That kind of song that you just can't get out of
your head. Before this project, for me, that song was "Drift Away" by Uncle Kracker and
I probably bit off a bit more than I could chew with this. I literally couldn't get it
out of my head for 5 days. It's time to say goodbye to "Hello". "...Hello, it's me..."
They really did have a nice property. Whew. Okay. Finally, great. I feel like I submitted
to the song and it will always be happening inside of my body. It's over for me in that
regard. "...It clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore..." Around 11 it was fine, around
12 it started to get annoying today, 1PM... I passed away. If Adele saw this video, I'd
be pretty embarrassed.


アデルの「ハロー」を1週間、1日24時間聴いてみた|Mashable Humor

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