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I’m pretty hungry, but I can’t think what I want to eat for dinner.
Wait, I know! I’ll call my friend Fiona for some advice.
Hello Shaun, how are you today?
I’m great, Fiona, thanks.
I am really hungry though. What about you?
Yeah, I’m hungry too. Wanna go get some dinner?
Sure, that sounds great.
But I don’t know what I want to eat.
Do you have any good ideas?
Yeah, I know some foods you can try.
What about stinky tofu or pig blood cake?
What is that? That sounds weird.
Here, let me send you some pictures.
That looks scary!
I don’t think I could eat that.
Pig blood cake!
No thanks! I’m not a vampire, ok?
Got any better ideas?
Yeah, do you want some sashimi?
Like this one.
I don’t think I have eaten that before.
Do you like it, Fiona?
Yeah, it tastes great. I like the raw fish as well with wasabi sauce.
Raw fish?
You eat some strange stuff!
You should try it at least once.
Just because it is different doesn’t mean it is bad.
Maybe next time,OK.
Hey, do you know where I can get a good sandwich in Taiwan?
A sandwich? For dinner?
That’s weird!
You don’t feel full, will you?
Do you like sandwiches?
Yes, I do.
Well, then why not eat one for dinner?
If it’s a big sandwich, it’s OK. Like this one
That’s the biggest sandwich I have ever seen!!
Food in Taiwan and food in other countries sure is different, isn’t it?
That's right. It is.
That doesn’t mean it is bad. It’s just different.
Yeah, you’re right!
Hey, do you like pizza?
Are you crazy? Who doesn’t like pizza?
But, I don’t know where is the pizza store.
What was that noise?
Is there a bear in your house?
We better make a decision soon, Fiona.
That was my stomach.
OK. meet you at the night market at 6 pm.
We can get decide what we want to eat there.
No problem. See you then, bye!
OK, students, now it’s your turn.
You can ask your classmates or friends what they like to eat.
Ok, see you next time.


何嘉仁FunTube看世界 【Food】

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