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Welcome to "Slang Time with Ronnie" -- that's me. My name's Ronnie and this is dunh, dunh,
dunh dunh, "Slang Time". Oh, what is slang? Hmm, slang is basically street language. Okay?
So if you were to look up the word "chill" in a beautiful dictionary, it might say something
like, "chill means to be cold" or "chilli is a food". Slang basically means it's kind
of new words that have been invented by people speaking English, yes, like me and you. You
can invent new words? That's cool. If you invent a new word, tell me what it is, I want
to know, in English. Okay?
Today's "Slang Time with Ronnie" word is "chill". "Chill out." Sometimes people will get really,
really, really, really angry, and they will start moving their arm around, crazy, freaking
out, ah, and you want to tell the person to calm down. Now, in slang, in movies, the people
will not say, "Hey man, calm down!" They'll say, "Hey man, chill out." "Chill out" is
slang for calm down. So if one of your friends is acting crazy in a store, in a restaurant,
and you're a little embarrassed, you can say, "Hey, chill out. Everything's going to be fine."
The next one you're going to use again with your friends. "Let's chill." Hmm... this means
let's hang out. What does "hang out" mean, you ask? "Hang out" means do something with
another person. What you do with that other person is your business. Okay? So "let's hang
out" means you and your friend maybe have a plan to go to the movie or you have a plan
to see your friend on Saturday. So you call your friend and go, "Hello? What do you want
to do on Saturday, do you want to chill?" Chill, chill, cold, chill, "Yes, yes, I would
like to hang out. Let's chill. Thank you, that would be great." So it just means you
are going to spend time with someone.
The next one: "I'm just chillin'". Have you noticed that there is an apostrophe here?
Mm-hmm, the reason why is because properly, we should have a "g", but in slang, we don't
like proper grammar or spelling, no. So we're going to erase the "g" and we're going to
say, "chillin'". Try it: "chillin', I'm just chillin'". "I'm just chillin'" means I'm relaxing,
I'm not doing anything important. Maybe I'm watching TV, maybe I'm doing homework, maybe
I'm working, eww. So if you're not doing anything important and your friend calls, you can go,
-"Hey, you want to hang out?" -"Sure, I'm just chillin' right now. What time do you
want to meet?"
The next one is "He or she or someone or something is chill". Huh, "he's chill", "he's chill",
what? What does that mean? This basically just means this person is cool. Huh, are they
cold? Or is it "chill" like the dictionary says and then cold like not hot? No, "cool"
is another slang word. If someone is "cool" or they are "chill", it means you think they
are a good person. So you can say, "Hey, Ronnie's pretty chill isn't she?" And you'd say, "Yeah.
Let's hang out sometime." "Cool."
And the last one is what we have to say in Canada in the winter, "I'm chilly." This does
not mean that I'm cool or I think I'm cool, it means that I'm cold. It's winter in Canada,
it's spring in Canada, brr I'm cold or you can say, "I'm chilly." I remember when I was
a child, there was a penguin cartoon and his name was Chilly Willy... hehe, that's funny.
So, if you're cold, you can say, "I'm chilly". If you're cool, you can say, "I'm chill."
If you're not doing anything, you can say, "I'm chillin'." If you want to hang out with
one of your friends, you can say, "Hey, let's chill." And if your friend is a little crazy,
you can say, "Hey, chill out." Bye.
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英語スラングでのChillの用法 (Slang in English - CHILL - "chill out", "let's chill"...)

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