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  • Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let's look at playing the keyboards

  • in GarageBand for iPad.

  • When you go to the instruments in GarageBand you can see that there are two keyboards.

  • The regular keyboard and the Smart Keyboard. Let's start with regular keyboard.

  • When you go there you get a keyboard at the bottom and lots of controls at the top. Basically

  • to play you tap a key. Then you can tap more than one key at the same time and you could

  • even tap and then move your finger to play multiple keys.

  • Now you are not stuck with just this view of the keyboard. If you press the button at

  • the very right you can see that you can stack the keyboards, one on top of the other like

  • that. Then you can see there are different octaves that are shown at the top and at the

  • bottom. You can go back to single layer and you can also change the width of the keys

  • to one of three varieties. You have a velocity control there as well.

  • If you want to change which octave is shown then that control is on the left. It says

  • zero. Tap on the button there and I can change the octave. So here I get middle C is that.

  • Then go up two octaves

  • You also have a sustained control. So I can turn that on and you can hear the sustain,

  • it will just keep going. Then if I turn it off you can hear it doesn't sustain.

  • There is also a scale button here. If I press that I can then look and change from a regular

  • keyboard to a scale, say a major blues scale. Now instead of a keyboard there that looks

  • like a piano, I have just the keys to fit that scale. It makes it very easy to play

  • interesting music.

  • Another interesting setting here is this one. I think it is pronounced Arpeggiator. You

  • can turn that on and then you can simply hold a key down and it will basically play something

  • like this. Of course you can adjust the controls there to change the exact sequence of notes

  • that are played.

  • Now if you really know what you are doing you may actually want to go and play keys

  • that are beyond the end keyboard. The only way to get there is by switching the octaves

  • with the arrow keys or you can change the middle control here to Scroll. Instead, when

  • I move my finger left to right, instead of rolling over to the next note it actually

  • scrolls the entire keyboard. I can scroll left to right. If I want to hit the individual

  • notes and then hit and hold and scroll to actually bring the keyboard left to right.

  • So I can play a wider range of notes that way if I'm quick with my fingers.

  • Okay, now let's look at the instruments. If I tap on the Grand Piano at the top there

  • I can see there are tons of instruments here because I've got these tabs at the top. Right

  • now I'm looking at Keyboards and I can go and choose another keyboard like Classical

  • Grand or Electric Piano. All sorts of different ones. You can see some of these even have

  • controls. So I can change say Decay and I can work with other things as well. Even some

  • of these, like there is a pitch control on the upper left. I can use this. Obviously

  • this is for simulating electronic instruments. You can see the different controls here for

  • the Classic Rock Organ. There are tons of different things here.

  • Now I can dig deeper into instruments by using the tabs at the top. So for instance if I

  • go to Classics here, I go to Classic Keyboards and I can choose one of these. Also I can

  • see there are two dots at the bottom meaning I can scroll left to right and see that there

  • are even more keyboards under here. I go to Bass and there are tons of them. Leads synthesizer

  • there are all sorts of cool synthesizers in here. You can see I've got more controls.

  • I can control them while the note is actually playing. I can go to Pads and there are two

  • sets of pads. I can even go to Special Effects.

  • I can even save instruments. For instance if I go to synthesizer here and change some

  • of the controls in the upper right and a few different things about it, how to play certain

  • scales. Do are a whole bunch of things that are modifications of this keyboard. Then I

  • go to Keyboards here and hit the Save button on the top right and give it a name and now

  • I get another set there called Custom. I can just go to that and find my custom keyboard

  • settings.

  • Now in Parts 1 and 2 of this I showed you, of course, how to play an instrument and record

  • it. You do the same thing here. You hit the record button at the top right and then you

  • play. Hit stop. Now if I go to my song, the loops, you can see that in addition to the

  • ones I have previously recorded, I've got a Grand Piano there and I can select that

  • and I can even go in and edit it if I wanted to get very technical with each of the different

  • things here.

  • You can use the little keyboard on the side there where I can play the notes, and I can

  • move things left and right, and I can drag them out.

  • So very quickly let's go take a look at Smart Keyboard. This is very similar to how Smart

  • Guitar works. You can do a variety of different things. You can pick the keyboard here and

  • then you can just get a full chord here at the top and at the bottom you kind of get

  • the left hand. You can get the base and you can combine them. You can also do a sequence

  • here. You can play the top and bottom separately. You can change the sequence at the top. So

  • that is just a very easy way to add some chords and some base notes to your song without having

  • to actually go into the full keyboard interface.

  • So there is a quick look at using the two different types of keyboards in GarageBand

  • for iPad. It is a lot of fun to play with. There is a lot of different things. You really

  • need to play around with it and get used to the interface and just have fun with it in

  • order to learn it and then you can start to use it to compose music.

  • I hope you found this interesting. Until next time this is Gary with

  • MacMost Now.

Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let's look at playing the keyboards


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