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We have to go to the smoking area.
- You need to walk around with it all day, right? - YES!
- For shrines and temples especially? - Yes.
Hey this is Cathy Cat. Today we will ask the foreigners in Japan
if they can give you and me some advice about Japanese manners.
Some things that you need to be careful about when you come
to Japan. Let's go ask foreigners in Japan.W
- Where are you from? - We are from Switzerland.
- Which city? - Neuchatel
Any advice you'd give to foreigners who come to Japan about manners.
We can't smoke on the street. We have to go to the smoking area.
- Where are you from? - Hong Kong.
Keep the rubbish. Because in Japan it is hard to find a rubbish bin.
- You need to walk around with it all day, right? - Yes!
- We are from Norway. - Which city?
From Olson.
It's not allowed to tip.
You don't generally tip, yes.
We had to take off our shoes when we went to eat.
- Where are you from again? - Mexico!
I would recommend because I passed that several times.
You don't turn to the right side, to the correct side, when you're crossing
and there is many people and bikes.
For example in Mexico we drive the other side.
For me, I would go to the right side so that they could go.
Here it's the other side so that might be it.
I know it's a little dumb but it might get them out of some trouble.
- Be careful that the direction of the traffic is different. - I'd recommend that.
I'd say take off your shoes everywhere you go.
If you are going inside. Not everywhere. Shops are ok.
A lot of people don't mind if you step on the floor with your shoes on.
What surprised me, if you are trying some shoes on, also wear socks.
They don't like bare feet.
- [Shoes off] for shrines and temples especially. - Yes.
Those were all the questions, thank you very much.
So these are a couple of manners you should be careful about when you come
Another very important rule is to ask people if you can take their picture.
I have seen many tourists become very aggressive in taking pictures of strangers
In Japan you are not allowed to take pictures without their consent.
Please please go up to people and ask them for their permission
before you take their pictures. They're not animals!
We are not animals! Don't just go and take a picture.
If you are not sure how to ask someone in Japanese
"Can I take a picture of you" or "Can I take a picture with you"
We have made a little tutorial about that. Find it in the top right links.
We explain how to Ask Japanese people this question.
So next time you will be safe, fine and minding your manners
when you interact with Japanese people and want to take a nice picture.
Thanks for watching Ask Japanese. Catch you soon. Bye!


日本に訪ねる外国人が注意すべきマナー (Japan's MUST-KNOW MANNERS! Asking foreigners in Japan about what manners to abide)

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