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  • The scale of the challenge across Africa

  • is enormous

  • After all, it's a huge continent

  • The United Kingdom, China,

  • the United States of America, India, Japan

  • and most of the rest of Europe

  • would all fit

  • within its borders

  • Africa still retains forty-five percent of the earth's uncultivated land

  • It's still the greatest wilderness on Earth. And that is why it's important.

  • Human beings have lived alongside wildlife here longer than anywhere else

  • but now, in the twenty-first century, animal numbers are at a critical

  • level

  • Like it or not, this generation is responsible

  • for handing on the world's wildlife to the next

  • That means taking care of the animals and lands where they live

  • so there is still space for us all to coexist.

  • Nobody knows

  • what the future has in store

  • for this little calf

  • or indeed

  • how the changes that inevitably are going to take place in Africa

  • will affect the rest of the world

  • and this little animal

  • But one thing is certain

  • what happens here

  • is more important

  • than it has ever been

  • and the relationship

  • of the rest of the world

  • to this great continent

  • and the creatures that live in it

  • is more important than ever before

  • On whichever part of the planet we live

  • we all have a part to play

  • in what sort of future this wild continent has.

The scale of the challenge across Africa


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デヴィッド・アッテンボローのアフリカ (BBC) - エピローグ (David Attenborough's Africa (BBC) - Epilogue)

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