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  • It just doesn’t get more classic than Super Mario Bros. To compare video games to American

  • history, if Pac-Man was the George Washington of the industry, as one of the founders, then

  • Mario is Abraham Lincoln, the man who held everything together during its darkest days.

  • So if anyone is deserving of a remake of their original game, it has to be Mario and the

  • forever wonderful Super Mario Bros. It’s one of those games that everyone knows, everyone

  • has played, and everyone can sing the opening song. And everything is back for the remake

  • Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and in a portable version.

  • By now you should know the story of Mario. Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser

  • and it is up to Mario and Luigi to rescue her. They must go through the many different

  • worlds and castles of the Mushroom Kingdom. But we all know this and we all love this,

  • so what is different this time around? Well for the most part, this is the same game as

  • the original. They kept the 8-bit graphics and all the original levels. This is really

  • just a new way for new fans to experience the greatness of the original game. There

  • are some minor changes, such as the ability to save between levels. This takes some of

  • the challenge away as you don’t have to beat Mario in one sitting but also makes the

  • game much more accessible to kids and modern gamers.

  • But don’t think this is just a straight port. There are more than enough new things

  • added to the game, just coming in the form of extra game modes and collectables. For

  • one, after you unlock enough points you can unlock Super Mario Bros 2, the original Japanese

  • game that didn’t make its way to America until Super Mario All-Stars. It says for Super

  • Players, which is so true, because it lives up to its fame for being incredibly challenging.

  • There is also Challenge mode. Here you can go through any level at will and try for new

  • goals including high scores, collecting special coins hidden throughout the level, and even

  • trying to find Yoshi eggs. And also a new Mario vs Boo mode. Here you go through different

  • levels racing against Boo. He can go through objects and you will get your path blocked,

  • so you must be very fast and ready to beat him.

  • Super Mario Bros. Deluxe brings all the wonder and greatness of the original but with so

  • many more game modes and different ways to play. It keeps what was great about the original

  • and just adds more to it, making for one great Mario game. It will have a whole new generation

  • groaning when they hear the Princess is in another castle.

It just doesn’t get more classic than Super Mario Bros. To compare video games to American


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