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  • Hungry for some pizza? We all like a good pizza pie to chow down on, but it turns out

  • there’s a simple scientific solution to maximize your pizza experience!

  • It all comes down to the the area of a circle - that equation you may have heard when you

  • were young where the area = pi-r-squared (r being the radius). If we plug in some numbers

  • you may notice something interesting. For example, since we measure pizza in inches

  • in North America, the area of an 8” pizza is roughly 50 square inches. We simply take

  • the radius of the pizza which is half of the diameter (so 4” in this case), put it in

  • the equation and voila. But, if we do the same thing for a 16” pizza, which has a

  • diameter that is two times bigger, we find that even though your intuition may say it’s

  • twice as big, it actually has an area of over 200 square inches - which is 4 times MORE

  • pizza. This is because the area of a circle increases with the square of the radius. And

  • yet, most of the time the difference in price between an 8” pizza and a 16” pizza is

  • not even two times more expensive, let alone 4 times more expensive!

  • In fact, NPR did a survey of over 74,000 pizza prices across America, and created an interactive

  • graph to show exactly how the price of pizza changes with size, and how much more pizza

  • you get when you order a large. For example, an 20-inch pizza has more area than two 14-inch

  • pizzas, or six 8 inch pizzas, yet it’s almost $9 cheaper on average than getting two 14

  • inch pizzas, and over $30 cheaper on average than getting six 8 inch pizzas.

  • And this is the pizza equation: the bigger the diameter of the pizza, the more bang for your buck!

  • But why is pizza so tasty in the first place? We actually break down the science behind

  • why pizza is the perfect food on AsapTHOUGHT, all while making some delicious recipes. Check

  • it out, if your taste buds can handle it!

  • And subscribe for more weekly science videos!

Hungry for some pizza? We all like a good pizza pie to chow down on, but it turns out


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ピザの方程式 (The Pizza Equation)

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