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Chin chin!
Hello, everybody! Today I wanted to do something that I've never done before on this channel
and it's a style of video that I have seen a lot of recently and I really enjoy watching them
So I was like "Well, yeah I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna film that"
'Cause I think you guys would find it really useful and also I don't know there's something about them that I find enjoyable so maybe you
will too. And it's the kind of video where, um, Youtubers kind of sit down and chat through
things they've either been kindly gifted, or that they've purchased that are new on the beauty scene.
Some of the things I get sent never get shared with you when in actual fact you could've seen it and gone
''That would have been perfect for me, damnit!'', which I think it's kind of the purpose for these types of videos so I get to show you them before I've tried them
and it's kind of a first impressions/this is what's new out kind of video!
I'm not gonna sit here and talk through a huge disclaimer
I feel like we're all grown up enough around here now
and we all know how this works.
Not showing off, not being paid, blah blah blah.
That was my disclaimer. Best disclaimer on the internet!
So, without further ado,
these are some things that I have received
recently that I wanted to share with you that I'm super excited about.
The first handful of things are from Too Faced,
which you guys know is one of my favourite brands,
and whenever I receive a package from them, I get so excited
because I feel like their, um, releases are really innovative,
they always look adorable and I actually genuinely get excited to see what they've done next.
And when this arrived, I wanted to cry with joy.
I was so excited.
This is the Too Faced "Sweet Peach - Smells Like Peaches!" palette.
Firstly, I love the Too Faced palettes, anyway.
I just heard her. Where is she?
I love the consistency of the eyeshadows.
I love how easily they blend and I love the colour-combinations that they come up with.
Let alone the fact that each palette has, like, a kind of theme to it.
So they've had chocolate-scented palettes, they've had peanut butter and jelly-scented palettes,
which is one of my faves.
Oh my god, I haven't put that in a Favourites.
So you can guess what this smells like.
Smells of peaches.
I don't know what benefit a scented eyeshadow has,
besides the fact that it's kind of quite novelty and it makes it a little bit more interesting.
Because I have blue eyes, this is the sort of palette that I go crazy for,
because anything with slightly orange-y undertones to it brings out the blue in my eyes.
So when I saw this palette with all its, like, gorgeous shades, like,
Bellini is just beautiful.
Luscious looks amazing.
There are always a couple of colours in a palette that I - I probably wouldn't use that much.
So for me it's the purples down this end.
But the rest are so beautiful and I think that this would be so lovely with a tan, like after holiday.
So I think this is for sure going on holiday with me.
You have no idea the temptation of leaving these things in the packaging,
so that I could film this video to show you.
Before ripping the packaging off and using it.
Also have these.
This the "Sweethearts Blush", um, in Sparkling Bellini.
I believe I have one of these, but it is not in the peach shades.
Um, it looks like this.
In fact, you guys have seen me use the other one of these that I had quite a lot,
because I do like it.
Um, but look how gorgeous the colours are in this.
Again with a tan on holiday, this is just gonna be beautiful!
I'm so excited about this.
So very excited - ooh!
Says "a bronzer baked with love."
So these are ...
"Created with two shades that combine for a multi-dimensional, radiant bronze that always looks natural."
"Or use each sh-shade alone for a luminous, contoured bronze."
Just love the packaging!
It's just - I don't - like, ever want to destroy the Too Faced packaging, it's so beautiful.
Really lovely bronzer colours, though.
Love that!
Excited to try that.
Now this seemed very interesting to me.
This is a "Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil - Waterproof Mascara Dissolver."
I don't wear a lot of waterproof mascara, only because ...
... of the huge amounts of effort it takes to try and get it off at the end of the day.
And also there's just not one that I love,
apart from this one, which I'll be showing in a minute.
But this has such a cool, like, concept.
So, get out packaging.
Looks like this, so it's in a tube.
And, you actually brush it through your lashes to, like, dissolve the mascara off your lashes.
I think that's genius!
Firstly, just because - I mean, I haven't used it, so I don't know if it works.
But, firstly, just because, you know when you're really trying to get waterproof mascara off?
You end up really rubbing your eye. Like, rubbing it raw, sometimes.
So, I think something like this could,
essentially be exactly what we need.
You literally put it on like a mascara, and then, like, gently rub it away.
And I just feel like it - it does that vigorous bit instead.
D'you know what I mean?
That didn't make any sense.
As I mentioned, didn't have a waterproof mascara that I loved,
until Too Faced decided to make Better Than Sex - which is one of my fave mascaras - waterproof.
Generally, I'd love to know in what circumstances you choose to wear a waterproof mascara over a regular mascara.
Is it because you do swimming classes? Is it because you do exercise?
Is it because you are outside quite a lot, so if it rains?
I don't know.
I'd just like to know in what circumstance you would be like "Better wear my waterproof!"
If you're going to watch a sad film?
I have actually used this.
I used this the other day, because I was too impatient and I wanted to see if it was similar to Better Than Sex.
Which it is.
I really like this.
Obviously just a lot more difficult to get off.
And the last thing by Too Faced,
that I have to show you is this, which is the Too Faced "Royal Oil - Coconut Oil Body Bronzer."
With mangosteen extract.
Again, like, holiday-tastic.
Is that a word?
Oh god, that's like the lamest thing I've ever said.
How does this work? Is that a stopper?
Okay ...
Oh my god, it smells of holiday.
Anything with that, like, amazing coconut smell just - oh, I love it.
This would be perfect for arms and legs.
If you're going to an evening event, so.
There you go!
O.P.I. nail polish.
Now I actually think O.P.I. is an amazing brand for nail polish.
My mum - who works with nails, she's like a nail beautician or nail technician, or whatever it's called,
she always uses O.P.I.
O.P.I. are her favourites.
And they have released a "Soft Shades Pastel Collection."
So there's six different shades in here.
Um, you've got a gorgeous baby blue, which is called I Am What I Amethyst.
The next one is this kind of pastel yellow, and that's called One Chic Chick.
Then we've got this gorgeous pastel mint,
which I think I might have to paint my nails this colour once I end this video.
And this is This Cost Me A Mint. I like that.
This one, which is a really pretty pastel kind of peachy pink and that's Stop I'm Blushing.
This one, which is a pastel blue. Awh, it's called It's A Boy!
And this one, which is a kind of milky white. And that's called It's In The Cloud.
So if you're anything like me, and you like more pastel shades,
I think you're gonna really love the colours in that collection.
O.P.I., I think, were just feeling extremely generous,
Um, they've also sent me their collection,
which coincides with the launch of the Alice Through The Looking Glass film,
which I think is coming out next month.
And some of these colours are really, really lovely.
This pink one is called Mad For Madness Sake.
Then you've got this sort of dark fuschia, which is What's The Hatter With You?
This beautiful shimmery gold, which is A Mirror Escape.
An electric blue, which is called Fearlessly Alice, which I actually think is my favourite shade
out of all of these. I love this so much.
Then we've got this sort of pearlescent colour, which is called Oh My Majesty.
Um, this really gorgeous red, which is Having A Big Head Day.
Pastel purple, which is called I'm Gown For Anything.
And again this really lovely powder blue, which is called The I's Have It.
As well as that, they've also sent me a special edition colour, which is like
a grey with little strands of silver in it.
And this is called What Time Isn't It?
Eh? Eh?
There we go.
Lots of new shades from O.P.I.
How am I gonna decide what colour to paint my nails after this video?
The next few things are from Benefit and they are new Hoola products.
Now, Hoola is - I would say, a lot of people's staple bronzer or contour shade.
Personally, I love it. I think it works really, really well.
And they have brought out these.
Hoola Zero Tan Lines for body.
"The believable all over body bronzer."
Sounds good to me.
I just love Benefit packaging, like, look at this.
Oh my god, it has a hula skirt!
It has a freaking hula skirt.
So it just says "squeeze gel onto sponge." Where's the sponge?
*gasp* Oh, okay. That's such a cool concept.
Okay, so you have the product in here. And this screws on, so this is the cap.
But then you pull this off and you've got a sponge.
And then I'm guessing -
- so nearly just spilled my apple juice everywhere.
So I'm guessing you squeeze some of this onto the sponge and then you can kind of work it into the body.
That's so cool! I'm, like, really impressed with that.
I love when it starts getting to spring and summer and all the, like,
make-up and, like, beauty collections become really like summery.
Like this is such a summery product, it makes me so excited.
So as well as that, they also have a "Hoola Bronzing and Contour Brush."
Oh, it feels like really nice quality. Look at it, it's like bamboo.
And then it has, like, green tips. It's so soft.
I love that.
And we also have "Dew The Hoola."
Again, it looks a little piece of bamboo.
Rose-gold bamboo, my favourite kind.
Bronzing liquid.
"Smoothing effects and lightweight texture melt in for a shimmerless, natural look that’s so sheer and seamless,
"you get the glow without the gleam. Hoola!"
"So you just smooth it over bare skin or over your foundation." Cool!
So I guess it's to give you a little bit more colour. Just to bronze you up slightly.
I am digging this packaging. I love it.
Also have some new bits from Urban Decay which, again, is one of my fave brands.
So the first thing is the Urban Decay "Naked Skin One & Done - Hybrid Complexion Perfector."
So this is an "optical blurring, luminous finish."
in the colour Medium Light.
"It combines the benefits of a sheer foundation with the coverage of a tinted moisturizer and our high-tech,
weightless formula feels amazing on your skin."
"One & Done provides all-day wear and covers a wide range of skintones, but the best part is how it transforms
the look of your skin. Light diffusing spheres immediately help make flaws seem to disappear."
Oh, okay.
So I'm guessing this has a light coverage.
I love this packaging.
Think I'm gonna need a couple of good skin days to properly test this out.
The, um, formulation feels really nice.
I can imagine this makes your skin look really dewy and healthy.
Oh, it does feel like I have nothing on my hand.
It's gone!
It doesn't feel like I've anything on my hand. Wow!
Okay, I'm really excited to give that a try!
Next thing we have from Urban Decay is their "Beached Bronzer."
Oh, look at the packaging! It's got little palm trees on it.
I love that.
And there you go.
Really nice bronzer shade.
It's matte as well, so if you like a matte bronzer, this is right up your alley.
And it's in the shade Bronzed.
And last but not least, I have a highlighter in the shade Fireball.
I really like the Urban Decay, um, highlighters.
This is an "Afterglow" highlighter.
Oh my goodness.
I love that you're getting to experience my initial excitement over products.
This - this looks insane.
This is an "8-Hour Powder Highlighter", but the colour is so pretty!
It looks like a peachy version - oh my god - it's like a peachy version of -
I am obsessed with this.
It's got, like, an iridescent kind of pink to it, but it's peach.
So it's like the colour is peach, but the iridescence in it is like this really lovely baby pink.
And it reminds me a little bit of my "Tease" blu - of my "Tease" highlighter from Estée Lauder.
Which, I wish they would bring out again.
Estée Lauder, if you are watching this, please bring "Tease" out again in a limited edition,
or just bring it out as permanent, because it's too beautiful not to.
And mine is running low, but this kind of reminds me of it!
It gives, like, the same, really lovely pink-y highlight.
You can't see this on my hand, but just trust me when I say you need this.
Clarins have also recently released some new products for spring.
So I thought I'm gonna chat you through these.
The first thing we have here is "Fix Make-Up - Long-lasting Make-Up Hold."
Um, "hydrates, refreshes and soothes."
I would have sprayed this on me as a perfume, because it's in this gorgeous, glass bottle,
and it just feels very luxury.
Um, but it is a make-up fixant. So you just spray this on your face, not on your neck for a scent.
Next thing is a new bronzer.
Now, I would highly recommend picking - if you are after a new bronzer,
I would highly recommend picking up one of their bronzers.
They come out with their collections in the spring/summer time, because,
they are so beautiful and I do find that they just come out in these collections, and then you can't pick them up again.
So the amount of times a friend has gone to me "I love this bronzer" or they've used it at mine,
and they've gone to buy one and they can't, and I'm like, you just need to get them when they come out,
because they are so lovely.
I have two of these from - I think one from last year and one from the year before, because
I really, really love them. They're so beautiful, but they also just give a really lovely,
kind of bronze-y glow to the face.
And I think the fact that they're so big also means that you can really, like, I dunno,
I sometimes use it with a really big brush and sort of go over, like, my neck or my shoulders or my collarbone,
I just - I dunno, I love their bronzers. I think they're amazing.
And this one is also no exception. Look how beautiful this is.
I tend to stick a brush in and just go through the whole thing, but it does give you the option to take individually.
They also have these, which are the "Ombre Waterproof - Waterproof Eyeshadow Shimmering Cream Colour."
I love things like this.
They make life so much easier when you wanna do something on your eyes but you don't have the time or,
if you wanna do a bold lip and you want something on your eyes but not much,
these are perfect.
Or they make great bases.
So they've come in a couple of different colours, but I have got 02 - Golden Sand and 03 - Silver Taupe,
both of which are really beautiful colours, um, so, check those out if you are around a Clarins counter.
I also have this which is the Clarins "Fix Mascara." It's actually a waterproof top coat for your eyelashes.
Kind of like - kind of like a topcoat for nails, which kind of sets it in, this is for eyelashes.
I'm assuming you could use this with any mascara.
And you just put this on top and it kind of sets it in and makes it waterproof.
But, very interesting. It also says that it's good for eyebrows, too, so I'll probably be using it for both, but,
mostly probably eyebrows.
And the last thing - which I was so excited for, because you guys know how much I love the original -
but there is a new shade in the "Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil", and it's this gorgeous, like, berry red.
Oh my god, it's called 03 - Red Berry.
I'm a genius!
Or, I have eyes.
I can't tell you the love I have for these.
Oh, this has a new scent!
It smells like strawberry squash.
When you were a kid, did you ever have those, like square - square plastic cartons
with like cellophane on top with, like, a brightly coloured juice in it,
maybe at like kid's parties, and it would come with a really tiny, thin red straw,
and you would smack the red straw through the top and drink the drink?
That's what this smells like! That literally takes me right back to, like, 1995 at the school discos.
Wait, that means I was going to school discos when I was five.
Maybe like 1999 or the year 2000?
These are amazing, they feel so nourishing on your lips.
I'm really interested to see how much colour pay-off these have, because the one I use is just a clear oil.
Um, and this one obviously has, um, a slight stain in it, so yeah, I'm really excited to use that.
So those are a selection of the things I really wanted to share with you that I was really excited about.
I would also love to know which one of these products you are most excited about, too.
Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and if you want me to continue doing these videos every time
I get a little stash of new things that I'm really excited to share with you,
and I can do that.
I love you very much and I will see you again soon!


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