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  • Doesn't he come across as an Alpha Male?

  • Trump, you know he always -

  • "I'm an Alpha Male and what we do is - "

  • " - in the 21st Century, is we tweet."

  • Oh, God that's sweet - (That's actually kinda nice)

  • Ahhhh well at least he's owning it

  • Might be yours - but it's definitely not 'head' hair

  • If he treated the bloody country like that

  • I just wanna see a good - like a well timed gust of wind -

  • - just go "Whoo" - (just blow it all away)

  • He's admitting a fault there, so there's a slight hope -

  • - for his personality

  • What? What is this about?

  • Okay that's good, right, he's got a good policy there -

  • - he's right, in fairness I'd agree with him.

  • He's like a sassy gay best friend -

  • - out of a nineties teen movie.

  • Say's the man who's had more wives than a -

  • - church!

  • He's flirting with Robert Pattinson - yeah -

  • - maybe he wants to be with Robert Pattinson.

  • And cheated on him like a DOG

  • Do dogs cheat on people, do they?

  • That looks like my dog playing fetch with that stranger -

  • - my dog would never cheat on me like Kristen Stewart

  • He's not being politically correct -

  • - but then he's saying he is being politically correct - (He's the Riddler, isn't he?)

  • He's just a little brat, he's just a little like

  • I can see what you're doing - yeah

  • Then saying "I wouldn't say that, because I'm being politically correct."

  • You just did!

  • It is kinda funny though, if - like, I mean

  • Unattractive woman - (Like he can talk! Come on!)

  • "I don't agree with you political viewpoint" -

  • - and then he's like "Yeah well you're ugly!"

  • I knew it!

  • He's an idiot. He's an absolute like...

  • Where does he get this from?

  • "Global warming was created by the Chinese - "

  • " - I'm gonna invent U.S. global warming."

  • "Global warming for Americans, by Americans!

  • You kinda feel sad for him though don't ya?

  • I don't feel sad for him

  • The hunger games isn't far off people

  • Donald Trump doesn't believe in global warming.

  • If a man is able to put on a fresh pot of coffee every day -

  • - I don't feel sorry for him. Because that's rich.

  • Ohhh this - oh no - this is the - so -

  • Ahhh for fu -

  • A civil society, like the bus I got into town -

  • - like the shops we went to - (My school, my college,)

  • It's the first half of his tweet, he's getting somewhere -

  • - and then he just swerves the car off the road -

  • - and drives into mental land.

  • But it's also really sexist against men -

  • - like men are so unintelligent like you can't put them in a room with a woman without them losing all control

  • "Of course if you put men and women together - "

  • " - some people are gonna get raped, what did you expect to happen?"

  • He's proof of evolution though, he did come from monkeys

  • What are you downing monkeys for?

  • Monkeys are intelligent animals.

  • He could be the most powerful human being -

  • - on the PLANET - in less than a year

  • That hair could be ruling the world! Do you know what I mean -

  • - those tweets could be like -

  • "And it's independence day today," and he just writes -

  • "F*ck off everyone, I'm away."

Doesn't he come across as an Alpha Male?


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