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  • Breaststroke - Long Stroke Published on 2013-05-21, by GoSwim

  • Breastroke has more variations than the other strokes.

  • And here's which proving to be a very effective style.

  • Why Do It:

  • While there will always be variables in breaststroke,

  • here's an an option for a longer stroke, and some key points that need to be considered in this approach.

  • How to Do It:

  • 1. To get the correct feeling of bodyline under water,

  • start with some underwater breaststroke kick in streamline.

  • 2. Next, start a progression toward longer breaststroke with 3 kicks /1 pull breaststroke.

  • 3. Take out one of the extra kicks, and do 2 kicks / 1 pull breaststroke, keeping the same bodyline while under water.

  • 4. Now back to regular breaststroke, making sure you get to the same body position as you've been in on the other drills.

  • How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):

  • There is no relaxation.

  • Just because the stroke is long, doesn't mean there is an easy part

  • The line you get into while under water has to be done with incredible integrity.

  • Every move is planned, timed, and executed with extreme precision to ward off any hint of resistance.

  • You'll also need to continue to develop your lungs with great and consistent underwater pulls off EVERY wall.

  • The decision is and has always been yours.

  • Be the change, or get beat by the change. It's never easy.

Breaststroke - Long Stroke Published on 2013-05-21, by GoSwim


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平泳ぎ - ロングストローク (Breaststroke - Long Stroke)

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