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  • You're most likely familiar with the Ten Commandments in the Bible stuff we

  • generally take as good advice don't murder, don't steal, honor your parents the list

  • goes on and those are just the first 10 they're actually a total of six hundred

  • and thirteen commands all given to ancient Israel found in the first five

  • books of the Bible which in hebrew are called the torah now the word Torah is

  • usually translated in english as the law because it has all of these laws in it

  • as you read through them you wonder am I supposed to obey some of these all of these

  • and what's the purpose of the law well that translation is kind of confusing

  • because while the torah has laws in it the book itself is fundamentally a story

  • about how God is creating new kinds of people who are fully able to love God

  • and love others and when Jesus taught about the torah he said he was bringing that

  • story to its fulfillment. So walk me through the story and how it's fulfilled. So the

  • story begins with God creating humanity who rebels and God chooses Abraham to bless

  • all of the nations through his family who end up in slavery down in Egypt and so

  • Guard rescues them then at Mount Sinai God makes a covenant with Israel like an

  • agreement

  • and all the laws that Moses gives to Israel are the terms of that agreement

  • they're like a constitution. So some of the laws they are about rituals and customs

  • that set Israel apart from the nation other laws are about social justice or

  • morality and by following these Israel would show the other nations what God is

  • like. Okay so the rest of the Torah is just the complete list of laws that Moses

  • gives Israel? No, the rest of the Torah just continues the story and the six

  • hundred and thirteen commands are only a selection from that original

  • Constitution and even these have been broken up and placed at strategic points

  • within the story now pay attention because you'll see a really clear

  • pattern Moses gives the first laws to Israel. Don't worship other gods and don't make idols and

  • then right after that there's a story of Israel breaking those very laws they

  • worship the golden calf and so Moses gives some more laws and then you get

  • more stories of rebellion. Some more laws, rebellion again, more laws more

  • rebellion and you start to see the point right no matter how many laws they're

  • just gonna continue to rebel. So at the conclusion of the torah's story of

  • Moses gives this final speech to Israel as they prepared to go into their new

  • home and he tells them you guys I know that you're not going to follow all of

  • God's laws you've proven to me that you're incapable and Moses says the

  • problem is that the hearts are hard and that they're going to need new

  • transformed hearts if they're ever going to truly follow God's law and he was

  • right to me the story goes on to recount Israel's total failure. They go into the

  • land they break all the laws. Right now the next section of books in the Jewish

  • tradition are the fifteen books of the Prophets and they reflect back on the

  • story for example Ezekiel he said that if Israel is ever going to obey the law

  • God's Spirit would have to transform their hard hearts into soft hearts and

  • Jeremiah said that's when obedience to God's commands

  • wouldn't feel like a duty that they would be written deep in their hearts

  • and Isaiah he promised a future leader Israel's Messiah who will lead all of

  • the people in obedience to the law. Now in Jewish tradition all of these books

  • together are called the prophets even historical books because they're

  • continuing the story told from the perspective of the profits ok so we have

  • the law and the prophets and they're telling one connected story about God's desire to

  • bless the whole world through a people Israel who it turns out needs a new

  • heart yes and Jesus saw himself as continuing that story so he agreed with

  • the law and the prophets when he taught that it's out of the human heart that

  • come the most ugly parts of human nature is like the default setting of our

  • hearts is opposed to God's law but Jesus also said that he came to solve that problem

  • and in his words to fulfill the law. So what does he mean there to fulfill the law? Well, first he said

  • that the demand of all of the laws in the Torah could be fulfilled by what he

  • called the great command, that we are to love God and love others. So that seems pretty easy

  • I mean we all want to love. Well, we think we want to love, but Jesus showed how love this far more

  • demanding than we realize.

  • So he quotes the law do not murder and he says yes not killing someone is very

  • loving thing to do, but then he also says that when you treat someone with

  • disrespect or when you nurse resentment against them you're also violating God's

  • moral ideal because you're not treating that person with love. So Jesus said true love

  • ought to extend even to our own enemies so even though this command seems very

  • simple Jesus showed how our hearts are not currently equipped to fulfill even this

  • basic command of God to love others. And that's kind of a downer. But where Israel

  • failed Jesus brought the story to it's fulfillment as Israel's Messiah he fully loved

  • God and others and he showed all of the nation's what God is truly like. He did

  • this through his acts of compassion and mercy and ultimately by loving his

  • enemies even unto death and after his resurrection he told his followers that

  • he would send God's Spirit to transform their hearts so that they could follow

  • him and fulfill the purpose of the law to love God and to love their neighbor. So

  • this fulfills the story of the law and the prophets. Or, in the words of the

  • Apostle Paul the one who loves fulfills the law. This video was made possible by

  • over 1,300 people who chipped in and most of those are monthly givers to the

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You're most likely familiar with the Ten Commandments in the Bible stuff we


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