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  • Come, guys! Look, it's here!

  • Let's see how she is going to welcome me.

  • I'm coming!

  • I'm coming, goddamned!

  • If you're in a hurry, stick your finger in your ass!

  • Who is it?

  • Hi! How are you?

  • I don't have any old bread here.

  • No, no...

  • That's me.

  • Xuxa.

  • That's me. Jessica.

  • Hi, Jessica! How are you?

  • I was so so, but now it's like shit.

  • What are all these people doing here?

  • That's my team, Jessica.

  • You're taking part of Xuxa Meneghel program!

  • Is it Globo channel?

  • No, it's Record channel, Jessica.

  • All right.

  • Jessica, can I come in?

  • Can I talk to you?

  • But why that?

  • Who do you want to talk to?

  • Do you have kids, Jessica?

  • I was born without my uterus.

  • Jessica, I'm sorry.

  • No, for me it's okay.

  • For me kids are like pigeons.

  • I don't like them.

  • Well, Jessica...

  • In fact, I'd like you to take part in my program...

  • Oh you mean it's a program like Extreme Makeover?

  • There are so many termites here.

  • No, Jessica.

  • Are you giving me a car? A diaper machine?

  • Furniture from Magazine Luisa store?

  • - No, Jessica! - Oh I know what it is!

  • - You're from Luciano Hulk show, right? - No, Jessica.

  • I know that!

  • I love Luciano Hulk!

  • Angelica!

  • Send a kiss to Angelica! I'm crazy about Angelica!

  • I think she is so beautiful!

  • - It's not! - That's Celso Portioli show.

  • Xuxa Meneghel show.

  • I don't know this program.

  • I don't know.

  • Can I come in to talk to you?

  • No...

  • - You know, I... - Jessica!

  • - I wanted to know about your story. - Jessica!

  • I'm coming, Guilherme! Goddamned!

  • I'm talking to the woman here!

  • Oh you can go.

  • I don't want to talk to you anymore. Let's go, guys.

  • I woke up for nothing!

  • My God, I can't believe it!

  • Gisele, come here!

  • Eliana is here!

  • - Oh my God! - Hi!

  • That's Xuxa!

  • How are you?

  • I used to be your fan!

  • I watched you since I was young!

  • Are you still on Manchete channel?

Come, guys! Look, it's here!


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ククサ・メネゲル (XUXA MENEGHEL)

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