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We are here again in Orquidário Paulista with Reinaldo Ilaci.
Continuing the Orchids series.
Now we'll transplant a Phalaenopsis for a plastic box.
And then to a pine knot.
This box is a plastic box, right?
We'll transplant it, there are plastic and wood, as well ...
Always remembering that the wood has to be a noble wood, right?
And it is not a non-ecological thing, this is leftovers of sawmill, leftover of certificated wood,
that are left on sawmill and lumber-mill and so.
And people who work with crafts take these woods and work making those little boxes.
This is not purchased only for that.
This is recycling too, right?
It is also cool, right?
Very cool.
These plastic ones here, the interesting about them is that if it is a plant that will grow.
If it is a seedling that will be very large in size.
It is interesting to use the plastic one because you will place the plant here and in two years
when you are going to transplant it, you do not have to take it out of this box.
You put the small box inside a bigger box, because the plastic does not rot.
It will avoid any kind of fungus or bacteria.
If you use a wooden box, the plant will take root in the wood.
For you to transplant it to another box, you will have to haze the plant.
And if you put that box inside of another and fill it with substrate, with moisture it will rot.
Could bring some sort of disease to plant.
That's not interesting to decomposition of the wood.
So we will do in the plastic one that is quite simple.
We will use a mini Phalaenopsis.
This to be a mini Phalaenopsis, it is a plant that will spend the rest of life here.
Will not need a larger box, why?
It is a monopodial growth, it grows up.
If she had another type of growth Orchic as ...
Golden rain, which increases.
One of Cattleya, would run it out of the vase very fast, right?
But as growth is monopodial, you can leave here for life, right?
As I have explained in another video.
You pull her through the hard part of this plant here, okay?
If you do so it will drop.
If you have hard to drop, separates the little vase to drop.
Or make a alavanquinha with scissors, right?
Already almost loose, right?
Took, will have a little bit of that pine bark.
Just try to release the ...
What is even looser.
Without wanting to start, otherwise you may very munch the roots of it.
These I'm down here stirring They they are falling.
So this here is the perfect drop.
It gets stuck.
So do not move.
Released mainly.
Just about everything.
What will I do now?
I'll get a piece of this wire packaging bread for example.
So here you will find even in packing house.
Anywhere you are.
Cut a piece of it.
And will tie in that part where end the roots and the leaves begin.
That's the part that I talked it's a little tougher.
Moor, makes a bow to hold loosely, O ...
He's loose, and indicates down.
What am I going to do?
Take the box.
Put inside the box roots, accommodate it.
And pass this piece of wire the holes of the box.
Down here.
By doing this, what will happen to the plant?
I hold down here a little bit.
The plant is firm.
To fool the plant it here.
Then what will I do here?
I'll fix it in space that will always be in the middle of the vessel in the case of Phalaenopsis, why?
Because he will grow up.
Leaning slightly forward not to conserve water here in the leaves.
Take a bit of moss and put just to hold some moisture when you water.
Because very fast dry box.
Then in the box ...
It is because it is wide open, right?
The box always moss.
So here I have planted the Phalaenopsis in the box.
She's stuck underneath here ...
Securely fastened same, right?
Leaning forward to not hold water here ...
And she's with old calendars here, when she was taken out of production, before replanting.
These specks here is not disease.
It's just a scar too.
Those old calendars will end up falling.
I can cut for looks, but while they are green like that here.
She's doing photosynthesis.
Then plant is beneficial to get it, just for looks that cuts.
That's it.
Super easy!
I will now show how that plant for example in Pine Knot.
It would be it is the same process in toquinho wood or wood lequezinho well.
The function will be the same.
In the case of Phalaenopsis is interesting plant in node because the node is not very big.
Phalaenopsis and has no very vigorous growth.
Then it will be many years here without any problem.
If it was a Cattleya and I put it here.
Or a shower of gold, two bulbs after it would already be out of the pine knot.
No longer would do any good, right?
So I will take this plant here ...
Why you will use that here?
This vessel is too big for this plant and closed.
It has just a little hole down here.
Little breathing to this substrate, okay?
Generally people choose vessel to be cute.
And the vessel has to be functional in the case of orchid.
If it was a land plant would have no problem.
But for orchid that here is not very good.
It's a very large volume, poor ventilation, okay?
Same process o ...
A clay vase, sticks his scissors.
Mexi, took the firmest part of the plant.
It has two seedlings that were planted together.
This is also something which in the case of orchid is not very interesting.
Because one can grow faster and the other cover.
Ai when you will not start sprinkle water and eventually killing the other.
This little plant here, she's with the new leaflet dropping and a raizinha.
It is a plant that is active, she's awake.
Because these roots are dry already, that here you can cut.
These are no longer working ...
It is apparent that she is very old.
Then she no longer serves for anything, right?
This raizinha she is not beautiful, but she this chubby yet, you can leave.
What we will do in Pine Knot?
You have two ways of tying pine knot.
You put her here like this, right?
And we'll hold her for this part woody and it will grow up here, right?
It can be tied up with this thread, this araminho.
We usually some pine have, or we do these holes to make it easier to tie.
If you do not have the little hole, O ...
Just put here.
Oh leaves a small hole on each side.
There is easy to do here.
Usually this little hole you will only find in orchid shop.
Which is already for that reason, right?
And do it here and is already tied.
You can put a little bit of moss here ...
As I mentioned, there's always a bit of organic matter in the tree trunk.
This here will override and take a little moisture.
Put a little back here, O ...
And pulls.
You can use that ligature of ...
This one, right?
Is this then I'll show later, without the holes.
Because it is easier.
So that's here.
Only if you bought a pine knot in a fire house, which is to burn the poor.
I think one judiação, is so beautiful.
So beautiful it.
And he did not come with cleft and neither came cracked in the middle.
You can use it also integer.
It is split in the middle for what?
Time you put it on the screen, for him not be running on the screen.
Because if you hang it on the line he is in a position.
A mossy little bit here.
Get this wire is wire wrap egg box, right?
It need not be too thick.
So it is good because a little it is already a miracle.
You can shred it a little bit o ...
Rattled off, he'll be a little thinner, It will be easier to work with.
Why do you have to use this wire?
This nylon thread it does not rot.
If you use cotton, he will rot very quickly and will be able to give up a type of fungus.
Sisal these natural things, fibers natural they rot.
And if you use wire and forget the wire there in case the pine node has no problem, but a tree.
When the trunk of the tree to start growing.
The wire will hang up can kill the trunk that this plant is.
I'll take this little plant, put a little bit of moss back here anyway.
When she turned to look up to the light, right?
Put here at the bottom and I passing the tape here twice, O ...
In part, among the roots of it, here O ...
Then over time this tape will rot.
It lasts one year, after one year you rubbed a hand on her she will rot.
Put here, O ...
Do two jaunts her not drop back here.
You want some help here?
Just spend twice here, O ... She does not return.
Put the corner of Pine Knot.
But the main.
She is stroking the tape.
The key is to pull too hard!
That! The stronger, the better.
Remember the story of stand firm and feel safe?
That's what the plant needs.
It is not delicate.
So it is no use to pet or and on the plant or on the tape.
Doing it here, in a short time she It is with the roots here.
A year from now you rubbed his hand on the tape and she leaves.
Dai she has already fixed.
It is already fixed and has no problem.
The big question here is always looking for a time of year such as spring or summer.
To tie in tree, or exchange for this piece of wood because of wetter climate.
The plant will root better.
In the winter season it is very dry.
Then the plant in addition to being lower the plant's metabolism is slower.
It takes longer to root for lack of water.
So the ideal is always in the rainy season the humidity is higher.
Then in that case it would be good to give a spritz.
Sprayed, yes.
And this is here the same process tie the tree also on the street.
People when they tie plant tree.
They cut through vessel puts tow, puts it, for what.
You do not need any of that, just do it here.
Just a little bit of moss.
And this little strip of bread.
It is the little vase half, these things grow on tree.
When a person wants to put through little vase, put tow something.
This thing that is underneath the plant, serves as a shelter for snail, slug and armadillo.
So if the plant look like.
The snail, the snail has no place to stay, they will look elsewhere to stay.
So you avoid this type of disease also in the plant.
It's the best situation, she'll be happier.
It will be as if it originally had born there, right?
You will need plenty of watering, because a wood she unsafe water.
Then you'll have to water more than I had a pot.
Or if you live in an area of ​​high humidity, for example here in São Paulo.
Who lives in the Serra da Cantareira, the relative humidity is always very high.
So this here is the best option instead vessel.
If you liked this video, gives "Like" down here.
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Advantage and sign up here on my channel.
And here comes Reinaldo visit the Orchid Paulista.
Here the side has the site, telephone, address.
Everything you come to meet here and fall in love and get a lot of beautiful orchids to decorate your home.
Help sow love for nature.
Share my videos and posts in their social networks.
We expect in the next video.
Flowery kisses !!!


Como Plantar Orquídea Phalaenopsis/How to plant Phalaenopsis Orchid - A Menina do Dedo Verde

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