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The company combined Namyang’s R&D’s departments related to the high performance technology
to establish the high performance development centre.
Hyundai Motors is focusing on developing the high performance.
Created in Namyang, Brand N is reborn at the Nürburgring, where it is honed to perfection.
Brand N is proud to present the most thrilling experience on the winding road.
In the near future direction of N, there is the high performance version of a production car.
But our vision, our dream for the future, is the Vision Gran Turismo.
Vision Gran Turismo is a great opportunity to express the emotion and the extreme high visceral energy of performance cars.
I would say the three biggest key words for the Vision Gran Turismo design are "light", "agile" and "quick".
I would say simply put, it’s a fighter jet on wheels.
The Hyundai Motors is the first company to mass produce hydrogen fuel cell cars.
And has thus become a leading figure in fuel cell technology.
Combining such clean technology with Brand N’s high performance technology,
we are envisioning a high performance car built on an eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell.
Brand N provokes an emotional thrill as the car and its driver become one.


ヒュンダイ N 2025 ビジョン グランツーリスモ (HYUNDAI N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo: Unveiled)

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