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- It's a giant version of Hasbro's game Pie Face,
and even though they don't know it
two of my executive producers have volunteered to play.
[laughter and applause]
Andy? - No.
- Yes, Andy and Ed is in the control room.
Ed come on out.
[upbeat music]
- [laughing] - Hi.
Hi, it's my birthday. I can do whatever I want.
That's yours. Where's one for Andy?
- Yeah, this is my--this is my good sweater.
- Put this on.
I don't want to mess your sweatshirt up.
God forbid.
Hi, this is what goes on out here.
Ed's in the control room all the time.
- Yeah, I'm not allowed out here.
- Look at everybody out here. - Oh, my God.
- Yeah. - This is insane.
- All right, zip it up. - I'm gonna win, Andy.
- Zip it up.
So, thank you so much for doing this.
Okay, so-- - You're so welcome.
- [laughs] - You know how to play,
so I don't--you don't need to put your hands on that yet.
Obviously, y'all don't pay attention.
Take your hands off.
All right, so Andy, you're a huge LA Kings fan,
so your questions will be about the Kings...
- Okay. - And Ed, you're the biggest
Bruce Springsteen fan... - That's true.
- So your questions will be about Joy Behar.
[laughter] Okay.
- I like it. - All right.
No, they're about Bruce. Okay, here we go.
Um, Andy. - Yes.
- You don't have to put your hands on there yet.
- Okay. - You may not have to do that.
Neither do you. - It's just comfortable.
- You--all right. - [laughs]
- Andy, what's the name of the Kings mascot?
What number is on his jersey?
And what's the significance of that number?
- His name is Bailey,
and I don't know the second two parts.
- Okay, then I'll spin.
Five. It's number 72,
and the average temperature in LA.
That's the significance... - Okay, that's not true.
- And it's five times. - Three, four, five.
- Okay. [laughter]
- All right.
Ed. - Uh-huh.
- In what year was Springsteen a recipient
of the Kennedy Center Honors?
- Ah, geez. - Ha ha.
Oh, such a big fan.
- [laughs]
Uh, 19-- - Nope.
- No, spin. - Okay.
- 2009. Hold on, let me spin.
- Five. - Ah, geez.
- One, two... - Please, please go.
Yes. - Three...
- Come on. - Four.
- Please. - Five.
[cheers and applause]
Andy... - Go.
- The Kings won the Stanley Cup in 2014.
Who was the most recent King of England
and what is he commonly known for?
- How many do I--just spin it.
- King George the VI. He had a bad stutter.
Here we go. - Riveting.
- Five.
- [laughs] - One...
three... - [laughs]
- Four...
five. - [laughing]
[cheers and applause]
Ed, Bruce Springsteen's nickname is "The Boss."
Who is your favorite boss?
And name her 10 best qualities in five seconds.
- Uh, Ellen. She's kind, she's loving,
she's caring, she's generous, uh, she's funny,
and she's beautiful--how many? - I don't know.
[buzzer sounds] That was--
- [laughs] Oh, come on.
- That wasn't ten.
It's sad that you couldn't think of more.
Okay. - Spin it.
- Two. - Yep.
Go. - I'm screwed.
- Just two. - Go--one.
Go. Ah!
[laughter and applause] [buzzer sounds]
- Good game. - No, that's not the game.
- It's over. - No.
- I'm the winner. - Get in there.
- I--someone has to win.
- No. - I win.
- No, and then you have one more.
It goes--you--the final one. - Oh, okay.
- Andy, in hockey,
they play with a rubber disc known as a puck.
- Right. - What is used in the games:
croquet, golf, and soccer.
You know exactly what I want you to say,
and I want you to say it five times fast.
- Balls, balls, balls-- [laughs]
Balls. - Nope.
- Balls. - Grass.
All right. - Grass?
- Two. Just two.
- You're done, Andy. You're done.
Okay, one. Go, just--
[buzzer sounds]
[laughter and applause]
- Thank you, Ed. Thank you, Andy.
Thank you for sharing my birthday with me.


Pie Face, Birthday Edition

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