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"The Voice Kids fridays on SAT.1 and on YouTube."
(Speaker) "She is spreading a good mood."
"She carries away."
"And she can choose one of the three coaches now."
(Audience) "Encore. Encore. Encore."
(Henning) "Tell us immediately your name and how old you are."
(Fabienne) "I am Fabienne. I am ten years old."
(Lena) "Wow, Fabienne. That was insane."
"Great, gigantic respect."
"You sang very cool."
(Henning) "Jackson Five is, I think, the most challenging band you can choose in this show."
"Honestly, this was the time, when Michael Jackson made the best music."
"I have a very old T2 Volkswagen Bulli in which you would perfectly fit in with your outfit."
(Henning) "I would totally like to drive you aroung in my Bulli in the summer ..."
"... we would listen to Jackson Five, and think about the choice of your song for the battles."
"So you don't stand around useless on stage."
"You can totally sit on my chair and wait for Tim Bendzko's words."
(Lena) "The joker."
(Henning) "You can totally say you to me. I am Henning."
(Family) "She always forgets his name."
"'What's your name again?' Henning."
(Henning) "Sit down. I'll wait for the other two to say something smart."
(Tim) "Mean tricks."
(Tim) "Fabienne. Firstly, you sang fantastic."
(Fabienne) "Thank you."
(Tim) "Secondly, what kind of tricks, do you both use? You go on stage and steal her show?"
(Lena) "I couldn't resist. I had to do it."
(Tim) "If you join my team, which I hope for a lot ...."
"... we try everything so you are the only one in the spotlight."
"Don't worry, I'm not going jump around in front of you."
"I just want to hear you sing. That is what the people want to hear."
(Lena) "Your performance was awesome. I want you in my team."
(Lena) "I would be so happy."
(Fabienne) "I think I take him. You."
(Fabienne) "You."
(Henning) "You. Don't be formal."
(Henning) "This is by far the best decision you could have made."
(Speaker) "The coaches had a hard fight for a great young talent."
(Thore) "Everybody turned around. All of the three chairs turned around."
"Now you are in the battles. And who knows how far you're going."
(Tim) "I take the big uncle over there."


Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Fabienne) | The Voice Kids 2013 | Blind Auditions | SAT.1

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