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  • Today, we peer into a world where shadowy government stooges

  • manipulate the levers of fiscal policy from deep in their evil lairs.

  • They pick economic winners and losers and control the business cycle,

  • creating recessions and controlling inflation to serve their nefarious purposes.

  • Adriene: Nah, fiscal policy's a completely legitimate tool used by non-shadowy

  • government officials to correct the economy.

  • (Overlapping) Adriene: I'm Adriene Hill and I'm the host of Crash Course Economics.

  • Jacob: I'm Jacob Clifford and I'm the host

  • Jacob: Stan!

  • Stan: You're co-hosts.

  • Adriene: Oh, co-hosts, awesome! Jacob: Alright, yeah, whoo!

  • Jacob: I'm Mr. Clifford and I'm a high school economics teacher and YouTuber, and I'm gonna

  • focus on teaching you the theories and graphs of economics, you know, the textbook stuff.

  • Adriene: And I'm Adriene Hill. I'm a senior reporter for the public radio show Marketplace,

  • and I'm gonna focus on showing you the real world applications of economics, you know,

  • the good stuff, the really fun stuff.

  • Jacob: Hey! We're both fun.

  • Adriene: 911, what's your emergency?

  • Jacob: My house is on fire, how much do you charge to put it out?

  • AdrieneIt'll be $10,000, what's your credit card number?

  • Jacob: Economics is not the study of money or getting rich, although, understanding economics

  • can help with that, and economics is not primarily about men in bow-ties forecasting what will

  • happen in a given market or the overall economy.

  • Economics is the study of people and choices.

  • Adriene: We can't promise you that learning economics will make you wealthy,

  • but we can promise that learning economics will enlighten your mind

  • and make you a more informed decision maker, and that makes us all better off.

Today, we peer into a world where shadowy government stooges


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