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They said I was too pretty to fight.
"Aw she can't fight." "You're going to mess up that beautiful face."
They said that I was too fat. Only skinny girls can dress well.
They look at me head to toe. How can she be a lawyer?
They said I didn't dress for my age.
They said my nose was too prominent.
They said that I was too masculine.
They thought the cat calling was a compliment.
He said "you can fix those teeth quite easily."
Boyish and ugly.
When they were talking about female, they weren't talking about me.
This was not pretty.
They would holler from across the street.
Look sophisticated. Embarrassing nose.
Too chubby. Just too skinny.
Manly. Crazy hair.
Never look good.
Too wild. Too cute. Too beautiful. Too fat.
He Said. They Said. She said.
I said: "No way!"
You aren't me. I'm me.
I'm not going to be defined by anyone's expectations.
I don't dress my age. I dress myself the way I am.
'Cause my face has nothing to do with my boxing.
I'm ranked No.1 in the country and No.2 in the world.
As a fashion blogger, my style is 100% unapologetic.
I don't wanna change my teeth.
My looks have nothing to do with my capabilities.
This is me, this is my hair.
My beauty.
My beauty.
My beauty.
My say.
Hannah, Photographer
Elaine, Adminstrator
Grace, Burlesque Dancer
Jessica, Fashion Blogger
Elizabeth, Poet
Marcia, Partner, Law Firm
Judith, Clinical Psychologist
Rain, Model
Heather, Boxer



自分の美しさは自分で決める ( Dove | Beauty on your own terms #MyBeautyMySay )

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