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Hi, this is Brad Browning, author of the Ex Factor Guide and in this video I'm going to
talk about how to make your ex miss you. Now, if you want to get back together with your
ex, you're going to have to make your ex miss you. That's just a simple fact of life. If
you want to get them back, your ex must miss you. So how do you make them miss you? That's
what I'm going to talk about in this video. The first thing that you need to understand
is that you can't convince your ex to get back together with you. No amount of words
-- begging, pleading, or trying to convince is going to make that happen. They need to
organically and naturally want to get back together with you. And if they miss you, that's
going to stimulate those feelings of wanting to get back together with you because they
miss you. And the way to stifle that pain of missing you is to get back together. So
how do you make them miss you? Well, the first thing that you need to understand is that
your break up ended because the attraction faded between you and your ex. It was there
initially when your relationship was going really well and then over a period of time
whether it was a month or a year, the attraction faded. And it faded to the point that your
ex decided that they didn't want to be with you. So how do you rebuild that attraction
well again? Make them miss you! Now, let's just think about, more broadly, what makes
you miss someone or something? Well it's when you're used to having someone or something
in your life, you become comfortable with them. It becomes part of your daily routine.
They become integrated in your life. Just like your ex was! You were there for them,
you called them everyday. Maybe they woke up beside you everyday. Maybe you saw them
every night after work. Whatever it was, they were a major part of your life and you were
a major part of their life. So in order to make them miss you, what do you have to do?
Well, you have to disappear! Completely vanish off their radar. That's the very best way
to make someone miss you. They were comfortable having you around. They were used to having
you part of their life, and then all of a sudden, boom. Cold turkey. You're gone. And
that's really going to stimulate those feelings of missing you. And that's something you absolutely
need if you want to get them back. It has to be natural and making them miss you is
the most natural way of doing that. So how do you disappear completely in a very practical
way? Of course you can't just magically, poof, be gone from their life. It's always more
complicated than that. But this is where the 30 day, No Contact rule comes into play. Maybe
you've heard about this before on the internet, you've read about it. Essentially what the
No Contact rule is is that is basically means, for the 30 days after your break, the first
30 days after your breakup, you don't talk to your ex at all. Of course there's a few
complications with that, and the very rare case where it might not be appropriate, but
generally speaking the 30 day No Contact rule is something you're going to want to do after
the breakup in order to get your ex to start missing you. Now the science says (and there
is some science behind this, I'm not just making all this up) the science says that
generally speaking after a breakup, and of course it depends on the duration of your
relationship and how bad the breakup was and how serious the relationship was, but generally
speaking, the peak of those feelings of missing your ex occur 3 weeks after the initial breakup.
That's assuming you're doing this No Contact method, of course. If you're not doing that,
then you're not giving them the chance of developing those feelings of missing you.
But if you are employing the No Contact strategy for 30 days, then around 3 weeks is the peak
of those feelings. Your ex is going to be missing you like crazy. They haven't heard
from you or talked to you in 3 weeks. And even if things were a little rocky at the
end of your relationship, trust me, they're still going to be missing you and missing
having you around and in their life. Now there's another element to this whole making your
ex miss you and No Contact thing that you also need to understand. And that's that,
making your ex miss you, at the same time, it also helps to make your ex let go of some
of the negative memories that they have of you and your relationship. Over time, as they
get to miss you more and more and as they approach that 3 week peak of missing you,
they'll start to let go of the negative memories and they'll start to forget, even if it's
on a subconscious level, why they decided to break up with you in the first place. And
in addition to dropping some sort of the negative memories of forgetting some of the reasons
why they wanted to breakup, they'll also hold on to the nostalgia and happy memories. They'll
hold on to them and they'll come back to the surface during that time when they're missing
you like crazy. They'll be thinking and focusing on the positive aspects. And that's great
of course if you want to get them back because they're forgetting the bad parts of your relationship
and they're remembering the good parts. So that's another advantage of making your ex
miss you is that those feelings will be even stronger and if you can make them miss you
so badly that it's killing them inside and really need to stifle that pain and that heartache,
then maybe they'll get back together with you. And that certainly does happen sometimes
if you were so close and then you breakup and you apply the 30 day No Contact rule,
they miss you so much that in order to just stifle that pain they decide, well, let's
get back together and that will solve all my problems. I won't miss him anymore or her
anymore. So that's pretty much how to make your ex miss you in a nutshell. Obviously
there's way more to it than that that I can't cover in this video, so please if you do need
more help or if you want to learn more, head over to my website. It's BREAKUPBRAD.com and
over there, I got a FREE video up, you can watch that. And also you'll be able to get
my email address and send me an email. And thanks very much for watching I would really
appreciate it if you like this video or subscribe to my YouTube channel. Really appreciate it.
Thank you so much for watching. We'll talk to you next time.


How To Make Your Ex Miss You

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