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  • But, there's something that I want to clear up

  • I identify as agender

  • But, also genderqueer

  • Omnisexual, polysexual

  • I haven't really figured that out myself yet

  • It's not about a preference

  • It's much more complicated than that

  • Gender can be confusing

  • People look at me differently

  • You're gorgeous, you slay, but...

  • What are you really? What were you when you were born?

  • Are you bisexual?

  • Where do you stick it?

  • Do you got a dick or not?

  • You weren't born a woman

  • Are you serious?

  • It's not fair to anybody

  • Those were some of my darkest days

  • Having them tell you there's no space for you

  • Would people love mewould people accept me for who I am?

  • When identity is questioned

  • Because, because let me tell you

  • At the end of the day, you gotta live your life for you

  • And it's not something that anyone should have to be ashamed of

  • I'm telling you who I am, I'm giving you who I am

  • I'm gay

  • I'm a lesbian

  • I am actually pansexual

  • I am transgender

  • I am a homosexual

  • I am 33 weeks pregnant

  • I am so proud

  • I love myself

  • We will love one another

  • And now is a time where we need to say no to the hate, to the violence

  • This won't scare us back into the closets, we will be seen and we will be heard

  • Go in front of the mirror and take a deep breath and say, "this is who I am". Just say, stand up nice and be like "this is who I am".

But, there's something that I want to clear up


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#誇りを持って:アイデンティティを祝うために一堂に会して (#ProudToBe: Coming Together to Celebrate Identity)

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