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  • How can I go out with a woman who believes in psychics?

  • Hey! I once dated a girl who believed she was abducted by aliens

  • And that didn't bother you?

  • Au contraire!

  • It meant she was naive and open to a little examination

  • What am I supposed to do?

  • Pretend I believe something I don't whenever I'm with Penny?

  • Hey, I'm sure Penny fakes all kind of things when she's with you

  • Let me show you another way to look at this

  • Here we have the universe of all women

  • Ok. These are the one you want to sleep with

  • These are the women who believe exactly what you believe

  • This are the women who would be willing to sleep with you

  • And right there, in the little triple intersection

  • is your ideal mate

  • Probably she's a short physicist with low self-esteem

  • who lives in a government research facility in China

  • What's your point?

  • In order to keep having a sexual relationship with Penny

  • I have to give up everything I believe in?

  • My intellectual integrity? the very nature of who I am?

  • I can't do that Howard

  • I respect that

  • What is that?

  • Your new girlfriend

  • Have fun with it!

  • Have fun with it!

How can I go out with a woman who believes in psychics?


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