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  • The contemporary Internet is based on a fundamental lie. We all are told that it’s social. Were

  • all told that it allows connectivity, allows us to create community. But the reverse is

  • actually true. It’s atomizing us. It’s not creating real community. It’s actually

  • separating us from people of different opinions of different cultures. It’s increasingly

  • an echo chamber effect where were only ever connected with people who agree with

  • us in the first place. But even more troubling, these social networks aren’t really social.

  • Theyre platforms for the self. Theyre platforms for us to build brands. The clearest

  • manifestation of this is our obsession with the selfie. The selfie becomes the cultural

  • form of the Internet. Wherever we go, we picture ourself in front of mausoleums, in front of

  • as I say in the book in front of people committing suicide at Auschwitz. At every

  • imaginable place, in spite of all the bad taste associated with it, we are, in our minds

  • at least, our deluded minds, the center of our universe. I argue again in terms of progress

  • that weve gone back to a pre-Copernican understanding of the universe where everything

  • revolves around us. There’s nothing social about that. And the end consequence is twofold.

  • Firstly, were making complete fools of ourselves. That narcissism, that indulgence

  • is embarrassing. And in the long run were going to regret it both as a species and individually.

  • When we look back at those absurd photos of ourself, where were shamelessly exposing

  • our own self-importance, were going to be severely embarrassed by it. But secondly

  • it also reflects the reality of the Internet. It’s about the individual, it’s not about

  • the social. And the Internet is alienating, isolating, fragmenting ourselves. It’s weakening

  • community. That’s, of course, the reason why it hasn’t generated real political movements.

  • It creates explosions, the Arab Spring, Occupy, but no legacy, no political parties, no movements,

  • no real foundations of political change.

The contemporary Internet is based on a fundamental lie. We all are told that it’s social. Were


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インターネット(と自撮り)は、私たちの自己執着について明らかにするもの (What the Internet (and Selfies) Reveal About Our Self-Obsession)

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