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  • -Make America great again. -Yeah.

  • -When was America great?

  • -I'd say after WWII, coming out of it.

  • 'Cause, you know, we had jobs here.

  • and you saw, like, American flags everywhere

  • and the people were just happier.

  • -We just bombed some Japs.

  • We felt we were the King of the World

  • -Yeah, exactly. -Yeah.

  • -A Moral candidate is what America needs right now.

  • and I don't think the democrats have that.

  • -Yea, right, you feel you need a moral candidate

  • who believe in family. -Right.

  • -believe in economy... -Mm-hmm.

  • -Believe in getting married three times.

  • - (chuckles) right.

  • -He's going to help America

  • He's going to take back America.

  • -Gonna give us jobs.

  • -Everybody's gonna have a job.

  • -Everybody's gonna get a job? -Yep.

  • -Probably around the 50's and 60's.

  • -Thats when America was great? -Yep

  • -Yeah. Well, at least according to our history books.

  • -If you're a white person America was great.

  • -Yeah, Yeah.

  • -I'm not white, trust me. (laughs)

  • -Can you imagine you in the 60's?

  • -Yeah (laughs)

  • -Turn the hose on, let the dogs out.

-Make America great again. -Yeah.


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