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  • - I remember--you know one of the most amazing things for me

  • was when Nelson Mandela came out of prison,

  • he would always tell jokes.

  • And now people had never thought of him as a funny guy

  • 'cause he had been in jail for 27 years.

  • And so everything Nelson Mandela said

  • sounded big, sounded po--

  • but he'd throw jokes in and nobody would laugh.

  • And he'd, like, one of my favorites was he was--

  • they had just launched the Kruger coin,

  • you know, the gold coin with his face on it.

  • And so they said-- a British journalist said,

  • "Mr. Mandela, Mr. Mandela, how does it feel

  • "to go from being an outlaw to now be considered

  • "the face of a country. You have your own currency.

  • How does that feel?"

  • And he was like, "That's how you know you've made it.

  • "When you have your own money.

  • No more socializing with poor people."

  • And people were like, "Yeah, yeah.

  • I hear what he's said." And I was in the back,

  • I was like, "Ha-ha."

  • And people were like, "Why don't--"

  • It was a joke. - Wow.

  • - That's all you have, you know?

  • - You're great at accents, too.

  • Really good at accents. - I try.

- I remember--you know one of the most amazing things for me


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ネルソン・マンデラのユーモアのセンスについてのトレバー・ノア (Trevor Noah on Nelson Mandela's Sense of Humor)

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