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  • Take emor leave em’, but by 2020, the Millennials will make up a third of all adults

  • in the United States. You may be familiar with their other labels, like: Gen Y, Generation

  • Me, The Boomerang Generation, and countless others. But basically, they are the people

  • born between the early ‘80s and the 2000s. Right now, that makes them between the ages

  • of 15 and 34. This year, they are set to outnumber the baby boomer generation, which is in decline.

  • Let’s break down American generations for a minute. The Millennials are the latest definitive

  • generation to emerge, according to reports. Before them, it was Generation X, or people

  • born between the ‘60s and the ‘80s. This generation came of age during the Reagan era.

  • It’s smaller in population size, and a little more conservative. Before that came the Baby

  • Boomers - born between the ‘40s and ‘60s - named for the population spike after World

  • War II. They are known for their rejection of authority as youths... and their increasingly

  • conservative outlook as they age. Before them, it was the Silent Generation, whose members

  • grew up during hard times like the Depression and McCarthyism. Then, taking us back to the

  • early 1900s, the Greatest Generation, is known for fighting the Nazis and boosting US economy.

  • But, coming back to the present - this year is the beginning of the age of the Millennials.

  • The Brookings Institution estimates that by 2025, they will make up about 75% of the workforce.

  • Their influence is already changing the landscape of the political and business world.

  • What are millennials known for? Their defining characteristics, according to the white house,

  • are: exposure to the internet during formative years, more education and racial diversity

  • than ever before, and unfortunately coming of age during a recession. They are also labelled

  • narcissisticandlazyby other sources, although this is disputed.

  • The Pew Research Center notes that Millennials are overwhelmingly liberal. They generally

  • support gay marriage, abortion rights, and are not religious. They hail from incredibly

  • diverse backgrounds, and are burdened with large student debt. Higher levels of unemployment

  • have also plagued them worse than previous generations. A 2012 Pew survey found that

  • 7 out of 10 Americans across all age groups felt that today’s youth had a harder time

  • finding jobs, saving for the future, paying for college, and paying for a home than earlier

  • generations.

  • Although some challenges lie ahead for Millennials, there’s still time for them to figure everything

  • out. The largest age group for the generation is just 23 years old. With about 80 million

  • strong, they are poised to have a huge effect on the direction of the United States and

  • the world in years to come.

  • Millennials are more familiar with student loan debt than any generation before them

  • but what happens if they can’t pay it back? Watch this video to find out. If you

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Take emor leave em’, but by 2020, the Millennials will make up a third of all adults


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ミレニアル世代は他の世代とどう違うのか? (How Are Millennials Different From Other Generations?)

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