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  • Imagine youself as a president of any powerful country

  • Which is in a conflict with another powerful country

  • Any moment this conflict can turn your territory into a glade of atomic mushrooms

  • What can you do,not with all the planet neighbours you are lucky

  • The citizens are always under a threat of nuclear war

  • What will you do as a president to save your people?

  • You will need to construct a network of bunkers, so that every resident could reach it any moment

  • But how to build thousands of secret refuges, so that every citizen since childhood could know about it?

  • And with all this not to attract your enemies attention...

  • Want to hide well,put on the most prominent place

  • So Mcdonald's project came

  • Bunker masked by fast food restaurant's became a solution of a problem that was handing over USA for decades

  • A brilliant cover for the construction. And pricing policy

  • Turned Mcdonald's into a single network brings huge profit

  • Within the U.S. there are over 15,000 Mcdonald's restaurant

  • And about their location in the city knows every american since childhood

  • Nurtured a whole generation for which is simpler to find the nearest Mcdonald's than the nearest church

  • In the case of military threat authorities won't explain long where to find the refuge

  • Authorities will simply send people to the nearest Mcdonald's

  • Add to that more than 15 allegedly competing fast food networks

  • And 20,000 Mcdonald's opened by franchise in other countries

  • Excellent cover to completely ward off unwanted attention

  • Mcdonald's knows this like no others

  • The network of underground bunkers with well-developed infrastructure

  • Allows you to cover more than 100,000 people at a time

  • Against military aggression,even of the most powerful enemy

  • "genius solution"

  • now that you know the truth, you are obligated to help your nation

  • print out locations of McDonald's on the U.S. territory

  • take your print out to the local rocket forces in your town

  • show them this video

  • locations of all McDonald's on the U.S. territory you can find out website (Does not exist.rf)

  • realize your right for patriotism

Imagine youself as a president of any powerful country


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