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I knew I always wanted to be a doctor but when I found biomedical research
I felt stuck choosing between two fields i loved then i discovered the MD/PhD
program at the UT Health Science Center and I knew it was where I needed to be
the city of San Antonio had everything I wanted a rich culture, delicious food, and
great weather.
The campus is extraordinary
It's the center of patient care management, innovative research, and a growing
biotech industry. Every person I met was incredibly helpful, friendly, and
I couldn't wait to get started the MD/PhD program offered me an
unbelievable variety of specializations. I could study almost anything I wanted.
Whatever i chose to work on, there was always someone there to help.
No one was trying to beat out other classmates, everyone collaborated to
accomplish amazing things.
The program didn't stop once we had something great to share. The program
greatly facilitates communication of our research and the acquisition of skills
needed to make it accessible to anyone in or out of the scientific community
but one of the biggest benefits for me is being in a program that is both
understanding and supportive of our families.
I felt welcomed knowing my priorities included my wife and children.
On top of all that support the MD/PhD program,
give us the phenomenal opportunity to move between two worlds.
I could take research directly from the lab to the clinic.
tailoring my care to the unique needs of each patient.
It has helped me to better serve every patient I see. Where will your pathway take you?
Consider applying to The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.


M.D./Ph.D. Program: Where Will Your Path Take You?

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