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How's it going guys?
Deven here with make anything
And I just want to share with you this awesome illusion that I just reverse engineered .
Umm..., I post the link in the description to the original
But basically, this video blew up on reddit and umm of this illusion
And everyone was asking for someone to 3D print it
So, I whipped this up as fast as I could
Umm, so yeah
As you can see from this side, it looks like a square
And this side looks like a circle
So I'll have an actual in depth video and how I made this coming up this later this week
But basically, the way it works is the true shape is this
And this is actually what you get when you blend a circle into a square
This is the shape that's right at the middle
And then two of the sides are arching upwards
and the other two are dipping downward
And that basically... well
Sort of correct this hybrid squircle into either a square or a circle
by compensating in opposite directions
So it's basically blending back into a square
Or blending back into a circle
when the true shape is right in between
So that's pretty cool
Yeah, like I said
It's two in the morning
I don't have time to go into so much details right now
but I'll have a video soon
So please make sure to subscribe if you want to see how this is made
And just generally see really cool 3D-printed things
Thanks guys



Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion // How it Works

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韓澐 2016 年 7 月 10 日 に公開
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