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Ok hi. The last video i made about Australian Slang, called "25 Aussie Slang Words" had
a really great response, and i get messages all the time asking me to make a video showing
more Aussie words or Australianizms. Now, a lot of these are not used in day-to-day
conversation anymore, But my dad is 51, and he says some of these in his general conversation.
So some of these i grew up hearing everyday, and some o these i have never heard in my
life. I was visiting my parents past week, and we were talking about Aussie slangs, and
i made a list of a whole lot of words i've never heard, but i thought they were funny,
and i thought i'd share them with you. When you go to dive in the swimming pool,
and you land on your belly. That's called a "Belly Wacker"
To be "Dry as a dead dingo's donger" is to be very thirsty, especially for beer.
To have a "Bingle", is to have an accident. A "John Thomas" is a penis. I don't know how
that ever started, and i feel really sorry for the guy names John Thomas who was such
a dick that he had this whole slang named after him, but, if you call someone a John
Thomas, You're calling him a dick. If something is as "Dodgy as a two bob watch",
It's of lower quality. If you've got a "Rough head", You're ugly.
If you're "Fugly", You're fucking ugly. To be "Busy as 10 in a bed" is.. Need i say
more? If you're "Shaking like a dog shitting razorblades",
You're very nervous. You might also be as "Nervous as a cat on
a hot tin roof" If you're standing out like "Dogs balls on
a shaved cat", You're very obvious. Your shoes are "Clod Hoppers"
if you "Couldn't run a choko vine over an outdoor shithouse".. You're not very smart.
A fast car "Goes like shit off a shovel", or "A rat down a drainpipe"
If you really messed something up, you "Screwed the pooch"
If you tell someone "Don't come the raw prawn with me", it means "Tell me truthfully".
And if you're lying to somebody you're "Telling porkies"
Or if you're trying to flatter somebody, You're "Pissing in their pocket"
If you're in a real rush, you might be "Running around like a chook with it's head cut off".
If everything's fine, "She'll be apples" To "Do your block" is to lose your temper.
And the cold weather might be "Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey"
So i hope you enjoyed those Australianizms. If you're not from Australia, and you're not
sure what any of these mean, leave a comment and i'll try my best to answer.
I'll see you round like a rissole. Ok bye.


Australian Sayings & Slang.

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