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Love is a mysterious thing, right?
Right, Jimmy. Thank you.
Love is.. love is difficult to put in a word.
So, with the most romantic day of the year approaching on Sunday.
We thought it’d be fun to go out the street, to ask children to explain love.
And, well, this is what they had to say.
What is love?
I have no idea.
What is love?
Um, love is when you love somebody.
And, it’s when you love somebody and it’s really when you love somebody.
What do you think it feel like to be in love?
It feels like... heaven?
What do people who are in love with each other do?
They’d be gross?
What does that mean?
They kiss, they’d be gross.
If you’re not in love, and you wanna be. What should you do to find someone?
Go to a woman casino?
What about tinder? Do you think that’s a good way to meet people?
Tinder… maybe? If it’s chicken, probably. They’ll probably like it.
Chicken tender?
Yeah. It’s fun to have on a date.
Do any of your friends go with boyfriends?
I don’t know that answer. My friend pretended she did. But it was just a stuffed animal.
That’s weird, right?
It was funny. Cause after school, who knows what happens with him.
I like to do it all the time.
You like to do what all the time?
Play with my Legos.
Do you like girls?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Who is she?
What do you like about her?
Her hair, she has beautiful toys.
Is there anyone you have a crush on?
It’s a secret. I’m not telling anybody.
Is so she your girlfriend?
No. But she’s beautiful.
Is that.. what do you like about her beside she is beautiful?
She's just beautiful.
Is there any boy you have a crush on at school?
How did you know you’re in love with her?
I met her in kindergarten. She was just so beautiful and she had long hair. She was just so beautiful.
I’m not really into that stuff anymore.
Like what stuff?
Like marrying stuff anymore. I feel like I wanna be single this now.
And what about like rest of your life or just now?
Just at the moment. I’m not sure though. Maybe when I get older might.
Just wanna focus on yourself and career.
What is love?
I can do kicks.
I’ll see the kicks.
Wow. And that’s what love is?
Alright. Thank you kids.
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【ジミー・キンメル・ライブ!】「愛とは?」アメリカの子どもたちに聞いてみた (Kids Explain: What Is Love?)

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