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Hold it
I know it
It's really nothing so please say that you won't laugh at my song
Strolling round sending SOS
It's me
And now
Ashes smearing, dust to dust
Deep in the ocean
Dreams I saw down there that took my breath away
Just that
Between all the tremors
I looked to the sky above
My hands were intercepted
The remnants of those dreams
And the silence of your tears
Couldn't let them out
Now a bubble garden hides them close and near
In the stars shining too bright
Swimming lights across the sky
Within every word
In the space between the waves
You grew so far from me
Know you can count on me
You'll understand in the end
So don't laugh at my song
Drifting away on a deep sea train
These tears, no way
No way
Please just take it away
If you go along with it
Know that you can never ever come back here
Midair stroll to a four-four time
It's me
It's just
Skies engulfed in indigo
To the horizon
In those ashes I began to paint a dream
Right now
In my heart
Deep inside, a dying, and fading light
Erased the sight of your back to me
The remnants I caress
The next chapter of my dream
Hasn't started yet
Even though I've not forgotten anything
Reaching out toward the light
Swaying in between the waves
Deep into the night
In that place inside my heart
You only waved your hand at me
Just put a plug in it
No, I don't need it anymore
Please don't lie so in a song
Laughing, believing that it exists
Happy endings, yeah right
Take a stand, now's the time
If it's that kind of world that we're in
Don't just stop and let this be the end
Laugh out and cry out, the brightest star
is love
I can paint the lingering 'you'
But I still want more
Love absorbed by ones I don't know
At all
Simply put, it ended my life
Words of hope, and expectant replies
And do you laugh as if you can't hear at all?
Know you can count on me, no, I don't need it anymore
Just put a plug in it
Inside this enigmatic love
Of ours
Hold on
I know so
It's really nothing
So please say that you won't laugh at my dream
Drifting away on a deep-sea train
These tears, no way
No way
Just get out of my sight
If you turn away and leave
Then don't think that you can come back and stop me here
Laugh out and cry out, SOS
It's me
It's you
It's me
Deep-sea train gone at least, tears too, so I sink into the deep sky blue


【J-POPで英語】ウミユリ海底譚 英語版 (歌詞/lyrics)

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