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Britain and the European Union may be in for a messy divorce
Britain's exit, or Brexit, from one of the world's most powerful trading blocs
will happen if Brits vote to leave in a national referendum on June 23
Polls show the Brexit vote could go either way
So here's how we got to the situation
The camp that wants to leave the EU are the so-called Euroskeptics
They kept the UK from adopting the Euro
when it was launched in 1999
Nowadays, they're more worried about the surge of immigration
The UK gets about 500 people added to its population every day
Since EU citizens have the freedom to live in any country they choose
leaving the bloc is the only sure way to stem the flow of people
Arguing "stay in" is Prime Minister David Cameron
He negotiated new terms to the UK's EU membership
including some reassurances for London's financial industry
and the right to restrict welfare payments to migrants
He says a breakup would be an economic disaster
Europe accounts for nearly half of the UK exports
and he says a Brexit would create a decade of uncertainty
for financial markets, investments, and the wider economy
The debate is whiplashing markets
and send the pound tumbling
Now, here's the argument
Those pushing for a Brexit say the EU has morphed from a free trade zone
into a super state that's eating away Britain's national sovereignty
The vote will likely come down to two issues
The economic risks of an exit versus concern about a flow of immigrants
that can't be stopped
Whichever way the vote goes
Britain's long love-hate relationship with the EU
will rumble on


「ブレキジット」問題を2分間で説明 (The Brexit Debate Explained in 2 Minutes)

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