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  • Your true wealth is your time and freedom. Money is just a tool for trading your time.


  • It's a container to store your economic energy until you're ready to deploy it.

    真の富とは 時間と自由です

  • But the whole world has been turned away from real money and has been fooled into using currency, -

    お金は 時間を取引する ツールに過ぎません

  • a deceiptful imposter that is silently stealing your two most valuable assets.


  • Your time and your freedom. Welcome to the rabbit hole.

    経済的エネルギーを保存する 容器であります

  • We are entering a period of financial crisis that is the greatest the world has ever known.

    しかし 世界は 真の貨幣を使わなくなり

  • The wealth transfer that will take place during this decade is the greatest wealth transfer in history.

    通貨を使用するよう 騙され続けています

  • Wealth is never destroyed. It is merely transferred.

    欺瞞に満ちた その通貨は

  • And that means that on the opposite side of every crisis there is an opportunity.

    最も価値のあるものを あなたから奪い続けています

  • The great news is that all you have to do to turn this crisis into your great opportunity is to educate yourself.


  • I believe that the best investment that you can make in your lifetime is your own education.

    あなたの想像を超える 「うさぎの穴」へようこそ

  • Education on the history of money.

    我々は 過去に 経験したことのない規模の

  • Education on finance. Education on how the global economy works.

    金融危機に 足を踏み入れようとしています

  • Education on how all of these guys, the central bankers, the stock market, how they can cheat you. How they can scam you.

    この十年間に起こる 富の移転額は

  • If you learn what is going on and how the financial world works, you can put yourself on the correct side of this wealth transfer.


  • Winston Churchill once said that the further you look into the past, the further that you can see into the future.

    富は決して崩壊しません 単に移動するだけです

  • This program is all about creating your own crystal ball.


  • Being able to gaze into the future.


  • Being able to change this crisis, the greatest crisis in the history of mankind, into your great opportunity.


  • The hidden secrets of money. Some of them are hidden in plain sight.

    あなたには やるべきことがあります

  • They're like right in front of you.


  • Uh, the way the monetary system works is something that isn't actually hidden away from all of us.

    あなたの生涯において 最良の投資となるものは

  • It's out in the open, but it's complex and people just don't, they can't see how it works.


  • It's hard for them to imagine that we're living in such a hoax.

    マネーの歴史を学び ファイナンスを学び

  • Others are meant to be secret, but the truth is slowly coming out.


  • Like the Federal Reserve being a private corporation and not really part of the U.S. Government.

    中央銀行や株式市場など 金融機関が

  • But when I started studying this, uh, what I found was that there was no place that I could point people to where they could get it all in one spot.

    いかに詐欺を行うかを 学ぶのです

  • And so I basically decided to write my book about it and consolidate monetary history, economics, the markets, uh, the fundamentals of gold and silver.

    借用証書 財務省

  • There's a lot of smoke and mirrors in economics, and I've sort of made it my job to lift the fog for people.

    社会の現象と 金融界の仕組みを学べば

  • Welcome to Egypt. This is where it all began.


  • Roughly 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians started using gold and silver as their predominant form of currency,-

    「正しい側」に 自分自身を位置づけられます

  • but it was not yet money.

    ウィンストン・チャーチルが 言っています

  • The pieces of gold and silver that they were using were odd sizes and weights. Odd purities.

    「過去を遠くまで 遡って見つめるほど

  • So it still was not interchangable where each unit is the same as the next. This meant that nothing really had a price yet.

    それだけ遠くの未来を 見ることができる」

  • You couldn't put a price of so many coins on something because they didn't have coins yet. Trade was still difficult.

    このプログラムの目的は 自分だけの水晶玉を見つけ出し

  • It was still a guessing game when it came to the exchange of values.


  • One of the reasons that we are in the financial mess that we are today globally is that people do not understand the difference between currency and money.


  • Currency is a medium of exchange, a unit of account. It is portable, durable, divisible, and something called fungible.


  • Fungible means that each unit is the same as the next unit.

    最良の好機に 変えることにあります

  • A dollar in my pocket buys the same amount as a dollar in your pocket.

    ゴールド&シルバー 隠されたマネーの歴史

  • Money is all of those things plus a store of value over a long period of time.

    通貨 対 貨幣

  • Even financial planners, bankers, your accountant, they don't understand the difference between currency and money.


  • The currency in your pocket is a medium of exchange. It's a unit of account because it's got numbers on it.

    そのいくつかは 日常の中に隠れています

  • It's somewhat durable, it's portable, it's divisible in that you can make change, and it's fungible.


  • A dollar in my pocket buys the same amount as a dollar in your pocket.


  • But because governments can print more and more and more of it and dilute the currency supply,-

    我々全員に 隠されているものではありません

  • it's continually transferring wealth out of your pocket, out of your bank account to the government and to the banking system.


  • The reason that gold and silver are the optimum form of money is because of their properties.

    しかし 複雑なので その仕組みが理解できず

  • It's an easy medium of exchange because gold and silver store a large amount of value in a very small area.

    虚像の世界だということに 気づかないのです

  • It's a unit of account. Pure gold has the same value all over the planet.

    逆に 意図的な秘密もありますが

  • So an ounce of gold buys the same amount here in Egypt as it would in China or in the United States.

    真実は少しずつ 明らかになりつつあります

  • It's durable. The same gold that Egyptians were using in trade 5,000 years ago is still here with us today.

    たとえば 連邦準備制度が私企業であり

  • It does not corrode. It's divisible.

    アメリカ政府の 一部ではないことです

  • You can make change with it. It's very portable.


  • You can use something like oil as money. It's just that you can't carry around a barrel of oil on your back.


  • It's fungible. Pure gold is the same wherever it is on earth.


  • Pure silver is the same wherever it is on earth. It's limited in quantity.

    そこで マネーの歴史、経済、市場

  • That's the reason that it maintains its purchasing power. Governments cannot print it.

    そして ゴールドとシルバーの基礎を

  • Over the last 5,000 years, only gold and silver have maintained their purchasing power.

    一箇所に統合した 本を執筆することにしました

  • There have been thousands upon thousands of fiat currencies.

    経済には 多くのまやかしがあります

  • Currencies that are unbacked by gold or silver, and they have all gone to zero. It's a 100 percent failure rate.

    私は それを取り除くことを 自分の使命しました

  • Well, fiat currency, of course, is um, a currency that is, exists at the dictate or by fiat from, from a government.


  • They have their printing presses, and the paper money rolls off the printing presses.


  • And then they give it the fiat designation which then makes the currency official.


  • It's just worthless paper, but when Ben Bernake gives it the special sign, and they have the cult meeting -


  • at the Federal Open Market Committee meetings, it suddenly becomes currency.


  • If you look at what's really going on it's, it's a con game. And so there's confidence.

    主要な貨幣として 使い始めました

  • Well, the Federal Reserve is very forthright about what they're doing.

    しかしそれは まだ貨幣ではありませんでした

  • If you read their website they'll tell you it's a confidence game.

    彼らが使っていた ゴールドとシルバーは

  • They tell that there's no intrinsic value in their money.

    サイズも重量も 純度もまちまちでした

  • They'll tell you that they print it backed by absolutely nothing.


  • They actually display all these facts.


  • But if you tell somebody in the public that this stuff is created out of thin air, there's no backing whatsover -

    まだ 値打ちが 決まっていないということです

  • , it's absolutely worthless, it's about as valuable as Monopoly money, they'll look at you like you're nuts.


  • Is there an example throughout history of a fiat currency, a piece of paper that's unbacked by anything, surviving?

    モノに対して コインを使った 価格設定はできません

  • Short answer, no.

    物の交換は 困難が伴いました

  • Long answer, no. And here's why.


  • When Addison Wiggin took over at The Daily Reckoning, they got cranked up.

    未だに 推測ゲームの域にありました

  • Uh, Bill Bonner asked him to catalogue all of the fiat currencies throughout history and what happened to each of them.


  • Addison dutifully went to work. Within a short period of time he had gone through the alphabet. All the fiat currencies that started with the letter A were done.

    現在の金融混乱に陥った 一つの理由は

  • They all went to zero. He was halfway through the letter B and all the fiat currencies that started with the letter B,-


  • and there were 600 of them in just the first letter and a half of the alphabet.

    通貨と貨幣の違いを 理解していないからです

  • And every single one of them went to zero. Every one.

    通貨は交換の媒介であり 一つの計算単位です

  • 600 fiat currencies that start with the letter A, and half of the ones that start with the letter B, there are 600 of these things.


  • Not one ever came close.


  • And you think this one, the United States dollar is gonna be the first one after all that? I don't think so.

    代替可能とは その一個が

  • No. No currency, fiat currency has ever survived.


  • None.

    私が持っている1ドル札は あなたが持っている1ドル札と

  • The thing about money is there actually is a fairly well accepted definition of what money is.


  • The question is as you apply that definition to particular things that are, people claim to be money, do they fit the definition?

    「貨幣」は その全てを含みます

  • Well just take the paper dollar for example. How well does it perform those functions?

    それに加え 長期に渡る 価値保存の機能があります

  • Will it store a value? Uh, the dollar has lost 95 percent of its purchasing power, uh, since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

    ファイナンシャル・プランナーや 銀行家、会計士でさえも

  • So not very good as a store of value.

    通貨と貨幣の違いを 理解していません

  • One of the things I do is, uh, just a way to get the audience's attention is I have a slide and there are three pictures on the slide.

    ポケットの中の通貨は 交換の媒体です

  • One is a pile of Monopoly money. The other one is a pile of Federal Reserve notes.

    数字があるということは 計算の単位を意味します

  • Uh, what Americans would call paper money.

    ある程度の耐久性があり 持ち運びが可能です

  • Uh, the other one is a solid gold, uh, American Eagle, uh, one ounce coin.

    分割できるので 変換もできます

  • And the title of this slide is which of these is not like the other.


  • And if you know the show Sesame Street or if you have children who watch it, it's one of the favorite vignettes in Sesame Street.

    私の1ドルと あなたの1ドルは

  • And what it really is is a kind of IQ test for five year olds.


  • They're supposed to look at the three things and look at characteristics and find the one that's not like the other.

    しかし 政府がどんどん 貨幣を印刷すると

  • Well, I've shown this slide to, um, groups of, you know, Ivy League university professors, and I've also shown it to, uh, you know, uh, children.


  • You know, kind of find results in my nieces and newphews and so forth.

    あなたのポケットから... あなたの貨幣から

  • Uh, and when the, uh, professors look at it they say well, um, clearly the, uh, the dollars are not like the others -


  • 'cause gold has no role as money and Monopoly money is junk and the American dollar is a store of value.

    政府と銀行システムへと 移転します

  • So that's not like the other. But the children look at it and they say well, the gold coin is not like the other -

    ゴールドとシルバーが 貨幣として最良の形である理由は

  • because the other two are just piles of paper, and the gold coin is clearly something different.


  • So my question to the audience is who's smarter? A five year old or an Ivy League professor?


  • Before World War I, each note that a treasury issued would say that there has been deposited with the United States Treasury -

    大きな価値を 小さな領域に収められるので

  • 20 dollars in gold coin payable to the bearer upon demand.


  • The money was in the vault. The currency was a note they gave you that was a claim check.


  • Only a claim check on the money. The same as if you go to the dry cleaners and you give them your shirt and they give you a claim check for your shirt.

    純金の価値は 地球のどこでも変わりません

  • The value is, is that shirt at the dry cleaners. Not the piece of paper that says that you own that shirt.

    エジプトにある 1オンスのゴールドは

  • So our currency that's circulated was the paper U.S. dollars and they were claim checks on money.

    中国でもアメリカでも 同等の価値があります

  • The next hidden secret is the difference between currency and money.


  • Money must be a store of value and maintain its purchasing power over long periods of time.

    エジプト人が 5先年前に 使っていたゴールドが

  • As we progress through this series, you'll learn that national currencies are really a tool used by the government -


  • and the financial sector to leach away your time and your freedom by stealing your purchasing power.


  • So rather than storing your economic energy, currencies leak.

    部分割が可能で 変換が可能です

  • Now compare that to the gold and silver the Egyptians were using. Like I started with, it still wasn't money because it wasn't interchangable yet.


  • Like I started with, it still wasn't money because it wasn't interchangable yet.

    オイルを 通貨として扱うこともできますが

  • But they were on the right track as gold and silver have proven over thousands of years to be the ultimate store of value.


  • Gold is only formed when a star explodes, a supernova. And it stays around forever.

    背負って歩く回るわけには いきません

  • This is one of the properties that make it the ultimate money.


  • You know, people are amazed that after 5,000 years the pyramids are still here.

    純金は 地球上でこでも同じ純金です

  • But what I'm more amazed at is that the currency that the people that built this were using,-

    純銀は 地球上でこでも同じ純銀です

  • that currency, that gold and silver that they were using in trade on a daily basis, is still around today.


  • It may have been melted down and re-refined and it's in a coin or a bar or in some piece of jewelry.

    その購買力が維持されている 理由です

  • But it's still with us today and it still purchases something.


  • Yes, it is the ultimate money because there is nothing else even in the same league. It's divisible.


  • It's permanent. It's a store of value.

    ゴールドとシルバーだけが その購買力を維持してきました

  • It's, uh, a unit of account. It's got everything you want out of money, but it doesn't go away and it can't be increased.

    過去に何千といつ 不換通貨が存在しました

  • That is what makes gold the most beautiful money of all. What more can you ask out of a money?


  • It keeps governments under control. You can maintain a solvent system.

    ゴールドやシルバーによる 裏づけのない通貨をさします

  • Governments don't like gold at present because they're getting away with the fiat currencies, and they'll do everything they can to discredit it as an asset class.

    全ての不堪通貨は 価値をゼロにしました

  • I mean, my goodness. Gold has, uh, outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average in each of the last seven years.


  • Uh, yet it's not considered a legitimate asset class. Why?

    もちろん 不換通貨は

  • Again, it's the fear that maybe gold will be imposed on the system.

    政府により 強制的に存在する

  • That it will constrain government ability to spend beyond its means.


  • They can't print it.


  • They can't print it, no.

    その印刷機から 紙幣が出てくる

  • The proper definition of inflation, I use Milton Friedman's definition. Inflation is an expansion of the currency supply.


  • Deflation is a contraction of the currency supply. If you expand the currency supply, eventually prices will rise.

    通貨は そこで公的なものになる

  • And if you contract the currency supply, eventually prices will fall.


  • This is a pool. But it's not a pool of water.

    ベン・バーナンキが 特殊な署名をして

  • This is a, the currency pool. And these are prices.


  • And if you expand the currency supply, prices like a sponge in water have to rise to suck up the excess currency.

    恒例のカルト集会が 開催されると

  • Governments never stop printing more currency and adding currency to circulation.


  • Therefore, prices keep on going up. Not because they stuff that you're trying to buy is changing.

    何が起こっているかを 注意して見ると

  • The real estate doesn't change. What has changed is the currency purchases less and less.


  • It's the currency going down. Not prices going up.


  • The truth is, what we have that makes our world work right