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Movies often end on cliffhangers or by hinting towards things to come, but sometimes those
endings can be quite dense and confusing for audiences. Examples are particularly prominent
in - although not exclusive to - the world of comic book movies, because the endings
will often hint towards new characters from the comic books that mainstream movie audiences
might not be familiar with.Of course, these days, movies don't necessarily "end" at the
point that they're traditionally supposed to. Back in the day, a movie would end and
the rolling of the credits would be the cue for audiences to stop watching, but mid and
post-credits scenes are extremely common these days - and these scenes can often explain
(or at least hint towards) the future of the franchise in question.In this article, we'll
take a look at ten movies that ended in a way that suggested "something" was going to
happen in the future - whether it be in a credits scene or otherwise - and we'll explain
exactly what that "something" is going to be. Please note that there will be some spoilers
for a number of movies released in 2016.
Captain America: Civil War A lot happened at the end of Captain America:
Civil War. Heroes went off in all kinds of different directions and there were two scenes
after the credits rolled, so let's cut to the chase here; The Avengers now officially
only consist of Iron Man, a recovering War Machine and Vision. Black Widow is on the
run for helping Bucky and Captain America escape, despite having been on Iron Man's
team. As per the mid-credits scene, Black Panther, also despite having been on Iron
Man's team, has taken Captain America and Bucky Barnes to Wakanda, granting them both
asylum and putting Barnes back in cryogenic stasis until his brainwashing can be cured.
The rest of Team Captain America are on the run - including Ant-Man, who may well be a
fugitive when his next movie with the Wasp comes around. And, as per the post-credits
scene, Spider-Man is back in Queens in possession of a high-tech gadget that would suggest Tony
Stark is going to be helping him in the future. Got all that? Good.
Inception Dom Cobb, the character played by Leonardo
DiCaprio in Inception, may not exactly be a traditional "hero" given that he's a thief,
but he's the protagonist of the movie and the guy you're rooting for, so he certainly
fits the bill here. For the entire movie, Cobb concerned himself with whether or not
he was dreaming or in reality, and his totem - a spinning top - would tell him in either
case. If it kept spinning, Cobb was dreaming. If it fell, he was awake. The movie ended
ambiguously, with Cobb walking away from his spinning totem after seeing his children,
and the entire point of that scene - as explained long after the movie's release by director
Christopher Nolan - was that Cobb no longer cared whether he was dreaming or awake, because
he was happy with his life regardless. The Thing
John Carpenter's horror classic The Thing was about a parasitic extraterrestrial lifeform
that assimilates other organisms and subsequently imitates them. It infiltrated an Antarctic
research station and, at the end of the movie, only two members of the research team were
left alive - Keith Davids' Childs and Kurt Russell's MacReady - and while it's obvious
that one of them must have been assimilated, it's confusing trying to fathom which one
it is. However, there is a subtle clue in the form of some foreshadowing earlier in
the movie. MacReady handed a drink to a cheating chess computer and, as he and Childs sit as
the only survivors, he does the same to Childs. The parallels are obvious: Macready is the
strategist calling the shots and he has the alien all figured out. Unfortunately, however,
that probably means he was assimilated shortly after the movie ended - after all, he was
in the middle of nowhere with nobody there to help him.
X-Men: Apocalypse X-Men: Apocalypse is getting something of
a grilling from movie critics, but that doesn't mean that the movie didn't leave a lot of
exciting hints about the franchise going forward. For starters, it looks like we're going to
see Dark Phoenix in the future, as Apocalypse saying "all is revealed" as Jean Grey unleashed
her power was very ominous - as was her nightmare that shook the X-Mansion. You also have to
expect that Quicksilver will reveal himself to Magneto as his son at some point - and
that will certainly result in an intriguing relationship. Psylocke made a hasty escape
after Apocalypse was defeated - there's every chance she might join up with Deadpool and
Cable in an X-Force movie in future, which would be awesome. However, the most exciting
thing came in the post-credits scene, as the reveal of a briefcase marked "Essex Corp"
in the Weapon X facility hinted towards the future appearance of Nathaniel Essex - Mister
Sinister himself - as a future big-bad in the franchise. That will be absolutely amazing
to see. Birdman
Birdman follows the exploits of a faded actor called Riggan Thomson, played by Michael Keaton,
as he struggles to come to terms with the fact that his fame isn't what it once was.
Most famous for playing the titular superhero character Birdman, Thomson's frail mental
state has resulted in him seeing the character in hallucinations. Towards the end of the
movie, Thomson found peace after landing a role on Broadway. Satisfied with life, and
wanting to give an extra real performance, Thomson replaces a prop gun with a loaded
gun in a suicide scene and actually shoots himself in the head. He doesn't die, however,
and is later seen recovering in hospital. The last time we see the character, he opens
the window of his hospital room and is never seen again. In the final scene, his daughter
Sam walks up to the window, looks down, then looks to the sky and smiles. Although it's
quite tragic, what actually happened is that Sam saw her father's spirit heading to heaven,
where he will spend eternity in happiness. Total Recall
Total Recall tells the story of Douglas Quaid, a construction worker in 2084 played by Arnold
Schwarzengegger who is having troubling dreams about Mars and a mysterious woman there. At
a company called Rekall that provides memory implants of vacations, Quaid decides to take
a fantasy memory trip as a secret agent to Mars. Something goes wrong with his implant,
however, and from then on the story continuously asks the question of what is real and what
is hallucination. At the movie's climax, it is left ambiguous as to whether Quaid is dreaming
or in reality, but Paul Verhoeven - the movie's director - has claimed that everything is
taking place in Quaid's head and he's been rendered permanently stuck like that, thanks
to the his brain having a violent reaction to the implant process and including aspects
of his real life into his fantasy trip. This makes a lot of sense, as far too many coincidences
take place for everything that goes on to be real.
Guardians of the Galaxy The ending to Guardians of the Galaxy wasn't
confusing, per se, but there were some important things (and some things that probably aren't
so important in the long-term) that you may have missed. You will no doubt have caught
Rocket Raccoon holding a sapling, and seen mini-Groot dancing behind Drax's back, so
you'll know the lovable tree-like humanoid is returning in the sequel, but did you catch
the post-credits scene? The Collector was in his destroyed museum with two characters
from the comic books - Howard the Duck and Cosmo the Spacedog, who we may meet again
in the future - but the scene served as a timely reminder of the coming of a much more
important character in the franchise. We had previously seen a cocoon in the museum, but
the devastation caused when it was destroyed will more than likely have seen the character
inside it disturbed from his regenerative hibernation. That character is Adam Warlock
- and he will be a key character going forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole,
as he will meet the Guardians of the Galaxy in their sequel and his participation alongside
them in the fight against Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War movies will be decisive when
it comes to defeating the Mad Titan. The Matrix Revolutions
If you can understand most of what happened in the three Matrix movies, well done to you,
but nobody can know for sure exactly what happened at the end of The Matrix Revolutions
- that is apart from the Wachowski Brothers who wrote it, of course. An explanation actually
comes from a cut scene in the video game The Matrix: The Path of Neo, in which pixelated
representations of the brothers say this: "Neo stands on the verge of satori, ready
to resolve the parodox of choice and choicelessness, free will versus fate, but that can only be
achieved through an act of surrender, which occurs after an abandonment of the perspectile
nature of truth, accepting the totality of present consciousness which ultimately allows
an evolutionary transition, transcending the Cartesian Dilemma through emergence of de-limited
spirit which then provides the world with a third path, the Path of Neo, the path of
peace." And if that doesn't clear it up for you, basically, by referencing a lot of Eastern
philosophies, the Wachowskis are saying that Neo's mind and spirit have likely transcended
into the Matrix, covering it like a guardian angel or holy ghost.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman
was killed in battle against the monstrous Doomsday - a being created using the corpse
of General Zod from Man of Steel and the DNA of Lex Luthor. As a tribute to his fallen
fellow hero, Batman vowed to assemble a team of metahumans to battle evil from that point
onwards. This was, of course, foreshadowing the coming of the Justice League to our cinema
screens and we will see the likes of Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg in the
team in the future. But something else happened at the end of Batman v Superman - a faint
heartbeat was heard and the dirt around Superman's coffin began to levitate! Superman isn't actually
dead! In Man of Steel, particles of ice levitated around Superman the first time he flew, so
this is a throwback to that moment - and a sure sign that Superman will fly again. Moreover,
in the Death of Superman comic book arc, Superman didn't stay dead for too long after a fatal
collision with Doomsday - and you can rest assured he won't in the movies either.
Deadpool After the credits rolled in the brilliant
Deadpool movie, the titular character re-emerged on screen from the bedroom of Ferris Bueller
from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, wearing a bathrobe identical to the one Ferris wore. After some
typically humorous babbling from Ryan Reynolds' character, he explains that there will be
a sequel to the movie and that Cable will be in it. But exactly who is Cable? Casual
audiences probably don't know the character, but he is iconic in Marvel's comic books.
He's the telekinetic son of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey called Madelyne Pryor - but
he can also time-travel - and he's actually appeared in a comic book title called "Cable
and Deadpool". As he's from the future, expect him to travel back in time to join Deadpool
for some violent capers in the sequel. You also have to imagine that Wolverine will appear
alongside them in Deadpool's second movie, given how many references to the character
were made in the first one. Thanks for watching our list of 10 confusing
movie endings and what's next for the heroes who starred in them. Did you enjoy this video?
Did it clear anything up for you? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure
to subscribe to our channel for more great videos like this one.


10 Confusing Famous Movie Endings Finally EXPLAINED

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