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  • (music)

  • Turn around.

  • What?

  • Turn around.

  • Wait, why?

  • I have to change.

  • But, like, we were both naked last night.

  • Like I've seen you and you've seen me already.

  • (sighs) Turn around.

  • Okay, whatever.

  • Keep going. Keep going.

  • See now I don't feel comfortable

  • cause now you can see my butt and--

  • Oh my gosh.

  • I'm not okay with that.

  • I'm done.

  • (camera shutter clicks)

  • Oh, that's really nice, you gonna post that?

  • Do you want me to post it?

  • Ah! I love the internet.

  • People are outta control. (phone vibrating)

  • Ooh, my mama.

  • Hi, Mom.

  • Yeah, no, I'm just, I'm at home chilling.

  • Alone.

  • No, not busy.

  • You ready to go camping?

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Let's go.

  • I love camping.

  • Me too.

  • You wanna get the best spot you gotta get there early.

  • I really, really, really like you.

  • I really, really, really like you, too.

  • Yeah, we like each other.

  • Yeah, super like.

  • A lot.

  • -A lot.

  • Really.

  • It's like a picture of me and you together,

  • so it's kinda like are we, might,

  • I think, I'm definitely cool with posting it.

  • No I am, I'm cool. [Man] Yeah.

  • Just say it.

  • You say it first.

  • I heard you almost say it the other day.

  • Yeah, but I didn't, and when I almost said it, you almost said it, too.

  • You're comfortable, right?

  • Yeah, totally.

  • Okay.

  • Ooh, it's up there. Done.

  • It's up.

  • It's me and you.

  • It's a thing.

  • In a picture to the world.

  • Together.

  • Yeah. This is crazy.

  • But you have to say it first so I can almost say it back.

  • But if I say it first, then you might not say it

  • and then I might feel uncomfortable,

  • so I think you should say it first

  • because you think you know what I was gonna say.

  • (birds chirping)

  • Good morning.

  • Good morning.

  • You look so beautiful.

  • Aw, thank you.

  • I had a great time.

  • Me too, I enjoyed it a lot.

  • Okay, text me later?

  • Yeah, of course.

  • (kissing smooch)

  • (sighing)

  • (flatulence)

  • No, I have to be at work at, like, 2 AM.

  • You gotta work at 2 AM? Yeah.

  • You're late. I'm late.

  • Oh, this is horrible.

  • (laughing)



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