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  • After nearly four years, a wealth of action, an array of crazy costumes, and, best of all,

  • an abundance of phenomenal actors giving Suzanne Collins' novels new life on the big screen,

  • The Hunger Games franchise is finally coming to an end.

  • So, I wanted to look back over the most heart-in-your-mouth moments from the final film, Mockingjay Part

  • 2. Obviously, spoilers ahead if you haven't seen

  • the film already! And if that's you, I've got a non-spoiler

  • review for you right here.

  • Kicking off with number 5, Katniss hasn't even made it to the Capitol to confront Snow,

  • when she finds her life under threat. She's trying to rally District 2's loyalists

  • to the rebel cause, and let's just say they're not exactly down with what the Mockingjay

  • has to say. Probably didn't put them in the best of moods

  • that the rebels had just bombed them and caused a bunch of avalanches.

  • And just as one District 2 man relents after putting a gun to Katniss's throat, another

  • takes aim and hits his target. Thank goodness for that bullet-proof outfit,

  • hey?!

  • At number 4, ok, so even if you haven't read the novels, just hearing Boggs tell Katniss

  • that he's not gonna let her die on his watch leaves you feeling he wasn't long for this

  • world! And tragically, he's blown up just after Katniss

  • and her squad survive an especially nasty gun trap, one of the many hellish hidden traps

  • that make the Capitol itself feel like a big Hunger Games arena.

  • But things go from bad to worse when the next pod kicks off with what in the movie looks

  • like a shockingly real wave of liquid tar or crude oil that hits the courtyard like

  • a Tsunami, forcing Katniss and co to run for their lives to the top floor of a nearby building.

  • Then most of them only just get away from that building before Snow's troops arrive

  • and completely obliterate it! Talk about tense!

  • Moving on to number 3, if you're not a fan of confined spaces, then Pollux's suggestion

  • that Katniss and her crew go underground quite likely sent a shiver down your spine.

  • And, oh my goodness, when I saw Pollux crawl on his stomach through that tiny gap as they

  • made their way through the tunnels, I swear I felt my stomach turn over.

  • And as if the tunnels aren't creepy and claustrophobic enough as it is, there's also a load of lizard

  • mutts thrown into the mix for some insanely heart-stopping scenes which reminded me of

  • both Aliens and the British horror movie The Descent.

  • As for the look of those monstrous mutts, their design made me think of the sort of

  • beasts created by Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro.

  • Watching Katniss and her squad do battle with those mutts in close quarters was quite something:

  • there was Gale shooting them in the head, and Finnick with his trident, to name just

  • two. Speaking of Finnick, the sound of his repeated

  • screams for Katniss as he was beset by the mutts was really chilling.

  • And what about Katniss putting Finnick out of his misery by detonating the Holo! Oh,

  • man!

  • And at number 2, In Mockingjay Part 1, you could already see that President Coin was

  • a cool and calculating cookie. But she took that to an horrific extreme in

  • Part 2 when she tricked Katniss, Snow, and the people of Panem into thinking that Snow

  • was the one who dropped those exploding parachutes and bombed the rebel medics, when it was actually

  • her. And like that wasn't enough, Coin declared

  • herself interim President of Panemand we all know just how long her kind of interim

  • would have lasted –, plus, she wanted to bring back the gamesjustsymbolic Hunger

  • Gamesin lieu of barbaric executions”, as she put it.

  • But as Katniss realised, it was a case of plus ça change in Panem; in other words,

  • all they'd done was to swap a white-haired dictator for a grey-haired one!

  • So, when the moment came to step up and execute Snow, Katniss chose to shoot her arrow into

  • President Coin instead, freeing Panem from Coin's dictatorship before it really began

  • and, at the same time, avenging Prim's death. And let's not forget Coin's attempt to kill

  • Katniss as well, for example by sending a still-traumatised Peeta out to the Capitol

  • with Katniss's squad. Coin thought she was so clever, didn't she?

  • And she was arrogant to the very last with her line, ‘May your aim be as true as your

  • heart is pure'.

  • And at number 1, it was Katniss Everdeen's desire to protect her sister that saw her

  • volunteer to take Prim's place when she was picked as District 12's tribute back in the

  • first Hunger Games movie. And, ultimately, it was that very personal

  • desire that set Katniss on the road to become the Mockingjay, a very public symbol of rebellion

  • against the Capitol. So, what a terrible irony it was that, in

  • the end, Katniss could not save both the people of Panem and her own sister.

  • And the whole way it played out was just heart-breaking, beginning with Snow's offer of shelter to

  • the refugees and their children, to his troops taking their kids away from them at the gates

  • of his mansion, to the hovercrafts dropping little parachutes like the ones sent to tributes

  • during the Games, except these parachutes were bombs not medicine or food, to finally,

  • the rebel medics rushing in, Katniss seeing Prim, calling out and walking towards her,

  • only for a second wave of delayed bombs to go off, killing Prim and blowing Katniss backwards,

  • turning her into a literal girl on fire. The whole thing was truly horrifying.

  • Now, what are the moments that shocked you most in Mockingjay Part 2?

  • And what are your favourite scenes in the movie?

  • Tell me in the comments below! I've got a special video on the way with Things

  • You Didn't Know About The Hunger Games Mockingjay. I'll add an annotation here once it's live!

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After nearly four years, a wealth of action, an array of crazy costumes, and, best of all,


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