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  • Since 2012, the Philippines and China have gone head to head over the ownerships of the

  • Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. These islands are important stopover points along

  • nautical shipping lines, and both countries have bolstered their navies in preparation

  • for a fight over these territories. Recently, a Chinese coast guard vessel even reportedly

  • used a water cannon on a Philippine fishing boat for operating in the disputed region.

  • This got us thinking, could the Philippines actually defend itself against China? How

  • powerful is the Philippines?

  • Well, the Philippines has a geographically powerful position, both militarily and economically.

  • Since the nation is essentially a collection of large and small islands, it has no shared

  • land borders. This gives them a defensive edge against any possible attacks. Also, the

  • Philippines happens to be almost exactly at the center of trade routes between many other

  • large nations, namely: China, Japan, and Australia.

  • In addition to a profitable trade industry, the Philippines has a strong agricultural

  • sector - and they are leading producers of coconuts, rice and pineapples.  They also

  • have a growing retail and customer service industry,  with about 53% employed in the

  • field. Companies in the telecommunications, hospitality and food services are growing

  • fast. Although the Philippines isn’t nearly as wealthy as some of its neighbors, the country

  • is known for its rapid economic growth and has been called an up-and-comingAsian

  • Tiger.” With a GDP of 272 Billion dollars, the Philippines could soon rival the bustling

  • economies of Singapore and Malaysia.

  • The Philippines has a huge population, with more than 100 million citizens. That’s as

  • if three-times the population of Canada was stuffed inside the state of Arizona. The nation’s

  • capital of Manila, alone, has almost 13 million residents, making it one of the largest megacities

  • on the planet.

  • One of the most popular Filipino citizens is Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao grew up in poverty

  • but went on to become a boxing icon and a dominating force in pop culture, politics

  • and other sports. Although around 25% of the population still lives in poverty, Pacquiao

  • is a huge source of inspiration for many Filipinos. His upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather

  • is expected to captivate the entire country. Millions of fans will be tuning in and rooting

  • for Pacquiao, in what’s being calledthe fight of the century”. In fact, the crime

  • rate of the Philippines has been known to drop significantly during his boxing matches.

  • The Philippines has a significant military - reportedly 220 thousand active frontline

  • personnel - but their equipment remains outdated. Globally, the country’s  military ranks

  • 40th in the world. Compared to China, with more than 2 million active soldiers and the

  • second highest rate of expenditures on defense in the world, the Philippine army appears

  • lacking.

  • However, the Philippines has a secret weapon: The United States. The two countries have

  • had friendly diplomatic and economic relations since World War 2, and in 2014, both signed

  • anEnhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement”. If China chooses to attack the Philippines

  • over the Spratly Islands, the US will step in. Therefore, by association, the Philippines

  • is a moderately powerful nation, and, it has a promising economic future.

  • If you want to find out more about Manny Pacquiao, his big fight on May 2nd, and more about his

  • role in the political role for the country, check out this video from our friends at TYT

  • Sports. Thanks for watching TestTube! Well see you tomorrow!

Since 2012, the Philippines and China have gone head to head over the ownerships of the


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フィリピンのパワーは? (How Powerful Is The Philippines?)

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