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("Drag Me Down" by One Direction plays in background)
- K, bye mom!
- Huh?! Where are you going?
- Um... school project?
- Lilly, come here.
- Yea?
- School project?
- Mhm.
- Dressed like this?
- Yea, we have to do some video shoot for our drama class.
- Drama class?
- What?
- Hold on.
("What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction instrumental)
♫ Your dress is short
♫ Don't know what for
♫ Can see your knees when you walk through the door
♫ Is that makeup
♫ You wearing blush
♫ Go and change before I kick you in the butt
♫ Everyone's kids dressing very proper
♫ Everyone else but you
♫ Why don't you wear all the clothes that I always get.
♫ Like that nice scarf or that big pink turtleneck
♫ You wearing ten inch high heel and I bet
♫ You don't know
♫ You look like a bloody mess
♫ If only you saw what family see
♫ They don't like big earrings, no, they like school degrees
♫ The only curve you should show is some round rotis
♫ Trust me I know
♫ That's what make you beautiful
♫ No oh oh
♫ That's what make you beautiful ♫
Now go change your clothes, okay?
You going to do project or you doing fashion show? Huh?
- Are you happy?
("Story of My Life" by One Direction instrumental)
♫ Sitting in my backseat are clothes that I have to change
♫ Leave my house covered,
♫ Put a dress on while I'm changing lanes
♫ Mom told me when I left that
♫ I should be back home latest by nine
♫ Seems to me I'll have to say
♫ My phone died and I lost track of time
♫ And I'll be gone, gone tonight
♫ To meet my boyfriend, yea, I lied
♫ I know I'm not supposed to talk to guys
♫ But he just so damn fine
♫ The story of my life, I leave from home
♫ In ten minutes I hear my phone
♫ It's mom
♫ I should have known
♫ The story of my life, I text my friend
♫ I know my mom will call to check in
♫ Please lie
♫ Say I'm in the washroom ♫
(phone ringing)
- Hi!
- [Lilly's Mom] Is Lilly there?
- Yea, Lilly's here, she's just in the washroom.
But we're studying.
- Okay.
- (disguising voice) Hi mom, I'm here!
- Okay, okay, thank you, good girl.
Oh, one second.
Okay, listen, Manjeet's calling, I have to go.
Don't be rowdy.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Hello, Manjeet?
- Ah, hello, Paramjeet?
I'm going to be late, okay?
I'm going to pick up some food.
Okay, love you, bye.
("Steal My Girl" by One Direction instrumental)
♫ She been my queen since she was 16
♫ She is my daughter, I am her papi, alright
♫ Alright
♫ She is a doll, she do good in school
♫ She never break rule, she always tell truth, alright
♫ Alright
♫ I know, I know,
♫ I know for sure
♫ Everybody want to steal my girl
♫ Everybody want to call her late at night
♫ But I am listening outside her door
♫ And I know everything she does online
♫ Everybody want to steal my girl
♫ But she can't lie to me, you see
♫ Because I know her phone password
♫ And I always read her diary
♫ Na na na na na na na na na
♫ Na na na na na na na na na na n
♫ Na na na na na na na na
♫ Na na na na, she won't lie to me ♫
("Night Changes" by One Direction instrumental)
♫ Going out tonight
♫ Changes into something else
♫ My father doesn't like this kind of dress
♫ Everything you say to help, I'm blowing off.
♫ Calls from my mom
♫ Voice is screaming through the phone
♫ She said just wait until I get home
♫ Having no regrets is all that I really want
- Lilly?
- Dad?! What are you doing here?
- This your school project?
- Um... foreign exchange student?
♫ I'm only getting older, damn it
♫ It took two weeks for him to plan this
♫ Wanted one pic just to Instagram it
♫ I hate it when the night changes
♫ Everything that I ever dreamed of
♫ Disappearing 'cause we break up
♫ I'm not a kid, dad, won't you wake up
♫ How the hell did this night change up
♫ You will never leave the house again ♫
Yo, what's up?
I hope you enjoyed that video.
I really hope you do because it's like 4 AM
and we're still not done shooting it.
If you did, give it a big thumbs up.
Make sure you comment below.
I thought it was a little cute video
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One love Superwoman.
That is a rap!
And zoop!




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