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  • So I've noticed

  • Elliot's signed up to a lot of dating websites

  • Tinder,, Badoo, you name it, he's on it.

  • Recently Elliot's been speaking to a girl called Georgina

  • -Hiiiiii

  • Georgina's actually me and Jordan dressed up in a girl's costume

  • I thought I'd put Elliot on a catfish date

  • Tomorrow, five o'clock at the local pub

  • Sorry Bro

  • *lip smack*

  • So I've just arrived at the pub with Georgina

  • -Hiiiiiiii

  • This is Elliot's date for tonight *laugh*

  • *music in the pub*

  • *low voice* Elliot's already in the restaurant

  • He's actually really early

  • Georgina's ready

  • I'm gonna stand in the toilets and film

  • *lip smack*

  • -Hello I'm Georgina

  • --Are you confused or something?

  • -No, what do you mean?

  • --You're not who you look like in the photos

  • -Of course I am, I'm Georgina!

  • --I think you're mixed up with someone else

  • -Excuse me you're not Elliot?

  • I'm your date silly

  • *music in the pub*

  • *very very low voice* Elliot's face

  • *music in the pub*

  • --Just give me 2 minutes I'm sorry I'm going to the toilet, ok

  • -Where are you going?

  • --To the toilet

  • Where's he gone?

  • -I don't know I don't know he just... disappeared!

  • Get to the car quickly I bet he's going to leg it now

  • *laugh*

  • I can't believe he's running!

  • He's actually *laugh* he's actually...

  • Jordan, Jordan what happened?

  • *laugh* Jordan

  • *laugh* What happened Jordan?

  • What happened?

  • What did he say?

  • -He just left

  • What did he say he's going?

  • -He said he

  • Great great great wooo he's here he's here he's here

  • Down down down down down down

  • Elliot what are you doing?

  • --Running away from my date

  • Why? What's wrong?

  • --It had a beard

  • What?

  • --My date had a beard!

  • *laugh*

  • --What are you doing here anyway?

  • Just picking up a friend Elliot

  • --A friend?

  • Georgina

  • --Which friend? Where's your friend?

  • Georgina in the back

  • -Hiiiiiiiiii


  • -Hey Elliot.... hi Elliot

  • Elliot calm down! Jee..

  • *laugh*

So I've noticed


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ベンフィリップス|ブラインドデート - エリオットは男に釣られて取得します。 (Ben Phillips | Blind Date - Elliot gets catfished by a man)

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