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- (Derek) Today you'll be eating this.
- Ew!
- What is that?
- All the ideas of what this could be is disgusting me.
- I don't want to say it, but it looks like poop.
- It looks like a different type of fish eggs.
Ew, it's sticky. Ew-heh-heh.
- Smells like chocolate.
- Are they like a type of berries?
Smells like baked treats, like gingerbread.
- Is this boba?
It smells like dark chocolate. Ooh, I want to eat it.
- (Derek) You'll actually be drinking these.
- I don't want to!
- (excited) Ooh, it's boba!
I love you. Let me give you a hug first.
(singsongy) I guessed it right. I guessed it right.
- It's a boba!
You guys are amazing! This is a boba!
There's this place where we go to, Koreatown.
We go to this boba place, where it has bobas.
And it's really good.
- I don't know what it is.
Can I spit it out?
- Hmm. I don't know if I like it or not.
It's kinda like bitter.
I like the drink but without the berries.
- It's boba. It's so boba.
I like it. It's good.
- (gags, spits) I don't like that part.
The only thing I like is the drink.
- Oh my gosh. This tastes terrible.
Tastes like you got coffee.
And you left it for five days.
Then they put these little balls in it,
which the balls taste good. (giggles)
- They're, like, sticky and, like, hard.
I can't really make a guess on this one.
None of this stuff I've ever tried before.
It sticks to my braces, so it's really hard to get down.
Is this like that boba stuff?
- (Derek) You just drank milk tea with boba.
- That sounds disgusting!
- It's coffee tea?
- I don't know what this boba stuff is.
This is the first time I've ever had it.
- This is delicious! I have to say that.
I'm sorry for overreacting, but this is delicious.
- Milk tea?
I don't like milk. See, that's maybe why I don't like it.
- I've seen the boba just pop when you do that.
Like, ones that go in ice cream, like the yellow and pink ones.
- (Derek) The boba balls are actually made of tapioca,
which is made of cassava root.
- Oh, I already know. My brother told me. I forgot.
- So it's not a fruit, right?
- Tapioca? I think I've heard of that.
Did not know what it was made of though.
- (Derek) Do you recommend that people try boba tea?
- No.
- Yes.
- I think so, yeah.
- No. This is gross.
- I think you should try it. It's really not that bad.
- Yes, because it's delicious.
- Yeees!
Please try it. It's amazing. It's like a good drink to drink.
Just drink it!
- Thanks for watching this episode of Kids vs. Food
on the React channel.
- Have you ever tried boba tea? Let us know in the comments.
- Don't burst our bubble. Subscribe.
- We had a tea-riffic time. Bye.


【キッズ vs フード】タピオカミルクティーを飲んでみた (KIDS vs. FOOD - BOBA TEA (BUBBLE TEA))

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