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Hey guys, it's Chika. Look, I'm vlogging again! I'm trying not to put it off.
I hope that some of you guys were inspired by my video that I uploaded the other day.
To take action on your to-do list, and not put something off that you've been needing to do for quite some time.
It is rainy season in Japan. Well, specifically in Tokyo.
I heard that in Okinawa, it ended a couple days ago, or some time last week.
But it is rainy season in Tokyo, and I am DYING of humidity.
Rainy season is called 梅雨(つゆ) in Japanese.
Raining season は raining 雨が降っているじゃなくて、雨が多いの R-A-I-N-Y ですね。
Rainy season.
何かが多いということを表現するときには、y をつけるんですね。
Sunny. Sun 太陽 お日様に -ny をつけるので、すっごい天気がいい。
Cloudy. Cloud 雲に -y をつけるので、曇っている。
And rainy season is called rainy season is because it rains a lot.
The humidity is awful. Oh my gosh. Humidity. It's so humid.
もう湿度が高い。蒸し蒸しする。We said 蒸し蒸しする、not to be confused with もしもし。
That we say when we answer the phone. But it's 蒸し蒸し。もうーすごい熱くて、蒸し蒸しする。
So I have to carry around this fan all the time. Because I get kind of sweaty easily.
It sounds really gross, but I get walking outside, cuz you walk a lot outside in Japan.
So you.. you aren't in your car, you're actually walking.
So you get to everywhere you're going, I'm just like oh my god...
and I look terrible cuz I'm just like sweating all over the place, and it's just not very ladylike.
So I have a very ladylike fan to try and recover from that situation as quickly as possible.
The worst part about the rainy season is not sweat,
well, that is pretty bad, but it's the hair frizzing.
my hair is frizzing, or my hair is frizzy.
frizzing はまた y が付くのは friz というのはファー、ちょっとなんか広がっちゃうということなんですね
Frizzy というとなんかちょっとぐりぐりとなってくのもあるんですけど、パーマとかではなくて、
もう自然となんか広がって、もうなんか大きくなっちゃうときに frizz と言います。
my hair's frizzing, or my hair is frizzy.
so that is the worst thing about the rainy season, and for me,
is that my hair is always like frizzing, so you can't go anywhere without a hair clip.
It really sucks because you blow dry your hair all nice,
and then the minute you step outside, the frizzes are like... Boom!
but I really wish I could be back in Seattle,
because Seattle is SO nice in the summer time, and summers in Tokyo are just..
kind of painful.
I know there are a lot of you don't live in Tokyo that watch me YouTube channel.
So let me know what the summer is like in your country or where ever you live.
Is it hot and humid like it is in here in Japan,
or is it cool or maybe you have winter right now.
I'm gonna go to a park today, to go look at the Aijisai. Ajisai is the Hygrangea.
Hygrangea. I don't use that word very often. I have difficult time to say "Hygrangea".
There're also called Hortensia sometimes I guess.
And they're the pretty little purple bluish flowers, I think they are some spices of it
in South Eastern part of the U.S. But most part is like in China and Japan.
So I'm gonna go and take a look of those flowers at the park
and I'll take some pictures and share them with you on my blog.
So make sure you view my blog, make sure you like my facebook page,
and make sure you keep watching my videos!
Alright. Don't put these things off, cuz it's very important.
Alright! See you guys later! Bye!


梅雨は英語で?"Rainy season"〔# 112〕

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