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  • Today Apple unveiled tons of new software including an all new, fully-redesigned iOS

  • fully-redesigned iOS 10. Here are the highlights:

  • In iOS 10, Apple has added more features to your the lockscreen. You can swipe right to

  • launch the camera, swipe left to see your widgets, an even look at lock screen without

  • touching your phone.

  • As always a top-down swipe opens your notification center, which has been completely redesigned

  • and looks more like the notification screen on your Apple Watch.

  • Moving on to your homescreen, 3D Touch shortcuts will bring more information by allowing apps

  • to show live details in the 3D Touch popup.

  • An update weve all been waiting for...with iMessage Apps third-party developers can help

  • add emoji, animations, and other media to your convos. Simply open up the app drawer

  • to interact with others apps within Messenger. Users can now send each other rich links,

  • with music and videos playing directly within the conversation. This new functionality ranges

  • from silly sticker apps like Mickey Mouse gifs to more sophisticated integrations, like

  • paying friends with Square Pay or collaboratively ordering food from DoorDash.

  • There’s also been a big overhaul to the Photos app in iOS 10. Apple is making it easier

  • to find and group your images. The new Photos app groups your library into editable movie

  • Memories. Using local, on-device facial recognition and AI detection of what’s in your images,

  • it can combine photos and videos into themed mini-movies complete with transitions and

  • a soundtrack.

  • Maps has been redesigned adding Proactive suggestions, a new turn-by-turn look, and

  • is now opened to third-party developers.

  • Siri has also seen some major updates in iOS 10. You can now use siri to navigate, asking

  • siri to open and interact with an app, send a message and Siri even suggests answers like

  • your current location or contact information.

  • Lastly but not least, Apple showed off a brand-new version of Apple Music, which the company

  • said was builtfrom the ground upwith simplicity in mind. In an effort to make things

  • less confusing, the first screen is your library broken up into two sectionsmusic locally

  • stored on your phone and streaming tracks. Apple Music’s newNow Playingscreen

  • is much less cluttered. It includes lyrics, a new personalized Discovery Mix, and a Radio

  • tab that live-streams Beats 1.

  • Today marks potentially the last time Apple will bring an phone-wide software redesign

  • to the masses. Apple has unbundled its native apps like Mail, Maps, Music and more, and

  • put them in the App Store. This means these apps will be updated more often, instead of

  • only when a major iOS is released, allowing for quicker updates and the ability to add

  • new features, fix bugs, address security issues, or make other changes as needed.

Today Apple unveiled tons of new software including an all new, fully-redesigned iOS


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AppleがiOS 10を発表|WWDC 2016 (Apple Unveils iOS 10 | WWDC 2016)

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