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Today Apple unveiled tons of new software including an all new, fully-redesigned iOS
fully-redesigned iOS 10. Here are the highlights:
In iOS 10, Apple has added more features to your the lockscreen. You can swipe right to
launch the camera, swipe left to see your widgets, an even look at lock screen without
touching your phone.
As always a top-down swipe opens your notification center, which has been completely redesigned
and looks more like the notification screen on your Apple Watch.
Moving on to your homescreen, 3D Touch shortcuts will bring more information by allowing apps
to show live details in the 3D Touch popup.
An update we’ve all been waiting for...with iMessage Apps third-party developers can help
add emoji, animations, and other media to your convos. Simply open up the app drawer
to interact with others apps within Messenger. Users can now send each other rich links,
with music and videos playing directly within the conversation. This new functionality ranges
from silly sticker apps like Mickey Mouse gifs to more sophisticated integrations, like
paying friends with Square Pay or collaboratively ordering food from DoorDash.
There’s also been a big overhaul to the Photos app in iOS 10. Apple is making it easier
to find and group your images. The new Photos app groups your library into editable movie
Memories. Using local, on-device facial recognition and AI detection of what’s in your images,
it can combine photos and videos into themed mini-movies complete with transitions and
a soundtrack.
Maps has been redesigned adding Proactive suggestions, a new turn-by-turn look, and
is now opened to third-party developers.
Siri has also seen some major updates in iOS 10. You can now use siri to navigate, asking
siri to open and interact with an app, send a message and Siri even suggests answers like
your current location or contact information.
Lastly but not least, Apple showed off a brand-new version of Apple Music, which the company
said was built “from the ground up” with simplicity in mind. In an effort to make things
less confusing, the first screen is your library broken up into two sections – music locally
stored on your phone and streaming tracks. Apple Music’s new ‘Now Playing’ screen
is much less cluttered. It includes lyrics, a new personalized Discovery Mix, and a Radio
tab that live-streams Beats 1.
Today marks potentially the last time Apple will bring an phone-wide software redesign
to the masses. Apple has unbundled its native apps like Mail, Maps, Music and more, and
put them in the App Store. This means these apps will be updated more often, instead of
only when a major iOS is released, allowing for quicker updates and the ability to add
new features, fix bugs, address security issues, or make other changes as needed.


Apple Unveils iOS 10 | WWDC 2016

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