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Pubic hair!
It's awesome!
Well, according to me-- and also science.
Hey, everyone.
Welcome to DNews.
I'm Laci Green.
There's a noticeable trend these days
toward removing pubic hair, a fad that's pretty new, given
that in the past it wasn't as much of a thing.
Definitely not in the '70s.
Our parents loved their pubes.
As far back as the 1400s, pubic hair was fashionable.
In fact, if someone had to remove it,
like if they had lice, there were pubic wigs called merkins
that people would wear until it grew back, which I actually
just think is hilarious, a pubic wig.
Gripes that we hear these days about oral sex
and pubic hygiene are relatively new.
And so, too, are the array of razors, tweezers,
electric shavers, waxes, creams, expensive hair removal
procedures, all with the aim of keeping you clean and sexy.
But is pubic hair really that dirty and terrible?
Scientifically speaking, no.
Pubic hair itself actually serves
some important evolutionary functions.
It's a protector of the treasure.
It exists to provide a bumper from the irritating
friction of sex.
It also serves to keep harmful bacteria and pathogens out.
Pubic hair also harbors pheromones, an erotic scent
unique to each person that you subconsciously
pick up on in a partner.
There are more obvious practicalities as well.
If you have sensitive skin, shaving super sucks.
It can be irritating because the hair removal inflames the hair
follicles, which can cause itchy, burning,
nasty discomfort.
This irritation, when paired up with the moist environment
that is the genitalia, creates a perfect place
for unpleasant bacteria to grow.
Strep, staph boils, cellulitis, and pustules on the genitals
are more common in people who shave regularly.
Shaving and waxing also make you more vulnerable to sexually
transmitted infections that spread
by touching such as herpes or genital warts,
because it's easier to contract with little tiny openings
in your skin.
Of course, shaving isn't a certain recipe for disaster,
and lots of people do it, and they
don't get pustules or herpes or anything terrible.
It can be fun, a way to change it up to feel extra sexy.
But it is a personal thing that in light of the medical facts
isn't necessarily for everyone.
Basically, you should be free to do you, whatever that is.
All right, guys.
You knew it was coming.
What's your pubic hair preference?
Do you like to shave, trim, grow it out?
Let me know down below and don't forget
to subscribe for more DNews.


The War on Pubic Hair

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