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  • My favorite Laker player is Kobe. [laughs] You can’t get out the car!

  • Are you not entertained? Do you not recognize what I’ve done as a Laker?

  • What’s up everybody, this is Shaq, were in Atlanta. This is Undercover Lyft

  • and I am the big Glowstache.

  • -My name is Charles. -Nice to meet you Charles. I’m Saika.

  • -Know what I do? -What do you do?

  • -Make bracelets. -You make bracelets?

  • -Yeah. Know what this called? -What’s that called?

  • It’s called the steam room. ‘Cause if you look inside you can see the steam, see?

  • -My name is Pierre. -Hey Pierre.

  • -I am from France. -Angela.

  • -Tu parles francais? -Speak no French.

  • -How are you? -Good, I’m Heather.

  • My name’s Goose. My real job is I’m a cop. I’m off duty right now but I still

  • keep my eye out for stuff. Look at this. Illegal u-turn in the middle

  • of the street. Lucky I ain’t got my badge, lady.

  • -Whattup cuz! -What’s going on?

  • -Where you from? -I am from Brazil.

  • -I went there one time for a singing competition. -Singing?

  • singing

  • I don’t know this song.

  • -Like basketball? -I recently got into basketball because of

  • the Hawks. Cawh, Ahw.

  • I had a friend who was a Hawks fan. You know what that is right? That’s a dead hawk.

  • A dead hawk?

  • -I don’t know a thing about basketball. -Nothing?

  • Nothing. You know about free throws?

  • Spread your fingers out. And then follow through. Watch your nails. Don’t want you to throw your nails off.

  • Do it 10 times. Threeagain. Four

  • You know what? You just learned from the greatest free throw coach of all time.

  • I wanna play ball but I run funny. My pants get stuck in my butt.

  • You look like the basketball type. Like you can get down on the court a little bit.

  • Nah, mon. I had hoop dreams but they didn’t work out.

  • -Did you chaseem? -You know, I used to chase trains when I was little.

  • Youchased trains?

  • -Used to chase trains. -You got a prettypretty rich backstory.

  • -Who’s your favorite basketball player? -I gotta stick with Dikembe, I mean.

  • -No, no, no. -No, no, no.

  • -He blocked everybody’s shot? -Mmhm.

  • -Nobody ever dunked it in his face? -Not that I saw.

  • Huh. Not that you saw.

  • -My favorite movie. Kazaam. -Kazaam? It’s a movieIt’s a good

  • No, no. It’s everybody’s favorite movie.

  • Can you rap? Let me hear freestyle. I’ma give you a beatbox.

  • -Ready? -[Rapping] Rollinmy Lyft with my rasta.

  • -We don’t eat pasta. We washinour cars. Stop. That’s terrible, man.

  • I mean, let’s see yours, though. I’m good, Drake.

  • [rapping] Je ne sais pascause I don’t know, ‘cause I’m from France and yo, yo, yo.

  • [singing] Vigilante she’s a renegade. Brave, but deep inside she’s afraid shell never

  • let it be known. Steam room. Donuts.

  • [singing] Ahhhhhhhh.

  • Man, I’m wondering if you are Shaquille O'Neal

  • now, man. No, man. Stop it!

  • My beard is itching. Ah. Do I look familiar to you?

  • Oh my gosh.

  • You ever see my face before? Oh my god! Ah!

  • It’s me!

  • I had a feeling.

  • No you didn’t!

  • I didn’t know it was you at all.

  • I kinda figured it out. Like early on, when I saw your wig, sir.

  • I just lyfted with Shaquille O’Neal guys.

  • -Did you not know it was me, for real? -I really didn’t.

  • I’m about to brag to everybody today, watch.

  • I’ve come a long way since Kazaam.

My favorite Laker player is Kobe. [laughs] You can’t get out the car!


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シャキール・オニールと潜入リフト (Undercover Lyft with Shaquille O'Neal)

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