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  • For this project, I’m going to show you how to defend yourself on the stick bomb battlefield.

  • By making a homemade arsenal, of spring loaded stick bombs and throwing stars, that explode on impact.

  • Start this project with a handful of popsicle sticks, or craft sticks like these. I found

  • mine in packs of 100 at a local dollar store, and one pack is usually enough to make over

  • 20 exploding stick bombs.

  • Now let’s get down on the carpet, because the sponginess of the rug will make it much

  • easier to mass produce our mini weapons. And to start, let’s kick off production with

  • the Boomerang Bomb. It only uses 4 sticks, and it’s one of the easiest throwing stars to make.

  • Start by overlapping two sticks on one end so they form an arrow pointing to the left,

  • with the yellow stick on the top side. Now place the red stick on top of these two, so

  • the bottom lines up with the green stick, and the top intersects with the middle of

  • the yellow. To bind them together, hold the sticks firmly together where the yellow and

  • red sticks meet the green, then push the tip of the orange stick under the middle of the

  • green one, and lock the the other end under the yellow stick. That’s how quick and easy

  • it is to make the Boomerang Bomb. And now if you throw it at a hard surface like a wall

  • or refrigerator, the sticks will explode on impact.

  • Now check this out. With a fairly simple transformation, and one extra stick, we can easily convert

  • the Boomerang Bomb into a 5 point throwing star. Hold the Boomerang with both hands at

  • the bottom, and carefully push the points together, in a way that makes the orange and

  • blue sticks jut out on either side. Now you should be able to take the red stick and push

  • one end under the orange piece, then bend it over and lock it underneath the blue. With

  • a bit of careful tweaking youll have a great looking 5 point throwing star, thatll

  • give a satisfying, spring-loaded burst of energy when it connects with your target.

  • Next up is the Butterfly Bomb, and for this one we need 5 sticks. Start by crossing two

  • yellow sticks to form an “X”, then drop a green stick in the center so it crosses

  • through the middle horizontally. Use your thumb to hold them down, so you can slide

  • the end of a red stick under one of the yellow ones, bending it over the green stick, and

  • locking it into place under the yellow stick on the other side. Now use your thumb and

  • finger to hold this side together so it doesn’t spring apart, then take the other red stick

  • and lock it in place on the other side, the same way you did before. The tension will

  • hold it together, and that’s how you make the Butterfly Bomb.

  • The Hand Grenade, also uses 5 sticks, but in a completely different way. Place the yellow

  • stick in the center and overlap the two purple sticks so they diverge away from each other,

  • but meet together at the top. Hold all the sticks together with your thumb, so you can

  • wedge one of the red sticks so it’s under the yellow, but on top of the two purple sticks.

  • Then grab the other red stick and weave it the opposite way, so it goes under the purple

  • sticks and over the yellow. This will lock it together, and the Hand Grenade is done.

  • These are one of my favorite stick bombs to make because they hold together really well,

  • and are one of the most volatile when they go off.

  • The Four Square is another quick and easy build, and uses 6 sticks. Set the two blue

  • sticks side by side so theyre parallel to each other, then set two green sticks perpendicular

  • to the ends so the whole thing makes a square. The orange stick goes on top so it overlaps

  • the center of the green ones, and now the yellow stick needs to slide under the middle

  • portion of the blue one on the side. Hold the yellow stick firmly in place so you can

  • pull the other blue stick to the side, and carefully weave it over the tip of the yellow

  • stick, locking it back into place under the green. The Four Square is done, and despite

  • it’s humble look, itll still blow to pieces just like all the others.

  • Now a quick and cool variation of the Four Square is the Flying Fish. Simply slide two

  • of the edges on the square toward each other, then turn it 90º and do the same thing with

  • the other two edges. To finish up, gently push two opposite corners together, and itll

  • compress the square into a flat diamond shape. Now it has the look of an exotic fish, and

  • should make a nice addition to your collection.

  • The hardest stick bomb to make is a six pointed throwing star, and youll need 6 sticks,

  • if youre up for the challenge. Lay the blue stick down first, then place the red

  • and yellow sticks in a “V” pattern overlapping it in the middle by about an inch, and with

  • the yellow stick on top. Now take the orange stick and push one end under the blue tip,

  • then angle it toward the center. Do the same thing on the other side with the green stick,

  • and place the tip so it’s overlapping the orange one at the top. Now grab the purple

  • stick and hold everything in place with one hand, while pushing the purple stick under

  • the tip of the red one. Bend it over the green and orange tips, then lock it together underneath

  • the yellow stick. It probably won’t look very pretty at first, but if you carefully

  • tweak the sticks, so the tips line up, youll end up with a really cool looking, 6 pointed

  • throwing star like this. These are the hardest ones to make, so if youre able to build

  • these, youll be a master, on the stick bomb battlefield.

  • Well now you know how to use a handful of popsicle sticks to create an arsenal of exploding

  • throwing stars. Whether it’s just for fun, or for defending your empire in popsicle stick

  • warfare.

  • By the way, I used 6 sticks to build a bonus bomb, but I won’t show you how to make it.

  • Instead, let’s see if you can figure out how to do it on your own.

  • And if you find that regular popsicle sticks are too hard to work with, try using jumbo

  • craft sticks, or tongue depressors instead. Theyre actually a lot easier to use, and

  • might be more intimidating to your enemies, as well.

  • Well that’s it for now. If you like this project perhaps youll like some of my others.

  • Check them out at

For this project, I’m going to show you how to defend yourself on the stick bomb battlefield.


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