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  • What's up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere,

  • Today it's all about power and how powerful are you? I can tell you this right now, if

  • you are not carving out a section of your training to become more powerful then you

  • will not be powerful because you have to train for power. Power is not just being strong,

  • it's being able to exert that strength quickly.

  • We could do that and we could train for that, but you have to be sure that you are. Today

  • I want to show you a few ways to do that and I'm talking about jumping higher, running

  • faster, punching harder, pushing faster, or harder; it's all about power and if you don’t

  • do it, guys, you won't get it.

  • So how do we know how to train for power? I know that all of you do know about power

  • because if I were to ask you to try to throw a baseball as far as you can, or better yet

  • ask a young kid to throw a baseball as far as they can. What do they instinctively do?

  • They instinctively bring their arm up here.

  • They don’t try to throw from here or do this. No one does that. They all bring their

  • arm up to throw and they may not look all that pretty because they may not have the

  • coordination yet, but they've got the instinctive part right. That is in order to get the ball

  • to get as far as you want it to go you have to know how to pre-stretch the muscles that

  • are actually going to be involved in actually throwing it.

  • So, by doing this I've stretched my triceps out, which is going to extend as part of the

  • throw. I've also brought the arm up. I didn't just do it down here and throw it. I brought

  • it up so I get the long head of the triceps on a stretch as well. I've got the forearm

  • flexors stretched by bending the wrists back. You don’t have to tell them that. They don’t

  • do that. They do this. You also have the rotator cuff on stretch.

  • You have the torso on stretch by turning back and rotating. The same thing can happen with

  • a jump. You don't try to jump from flat feet. What you do is you try to bend at the knees,

  • lean over at the waist, stretch the low back, and stretch the glutes; that's how you instinctively

  • know power. But you've got to train for it in order to bring it out fully. So what can

  • we do? Well, if you want to run faster I've got an exercise here for you.

  • It's called the Sprinter's Hang Clean. What you do is you get into a split stance position,

  • on leg in front of the other as if you're almost ready to come out of the starter's

  • block. You're going to sprint. That first step is so important. The acceleration out

  • of the box is critical. You can train yourself to become a lot faster and more powerful in

  • that position by doing this exercise.

  • You're going to bring the hands up as fast as you can in a clean, switch your feet get

  • your feet where you get to a squared off stance, then drop your other foot right back and sprint.

  • So you're trying to train yourself to be very explosive on your first move. This, you don’t

  • need a heavy waist for. As a matter of fact, you don’t train these movements to failure.

  • You're training for power and precision.

  • It's not about going to failure because what happens then is you break down your form.

  • So you want to know, not just what exercises do, but how to train them. Now we can get

  • you to jump higher. The same thing here applies. We're going to use this, not just a completely

  • vertical jump displacement, but a broad jump; a horizontal jump displacement. We're still

  • going to get components of vertical and horizontal by doing this.

  • So you still get back in this hang clean position and now as you clean you jump forward. You

  • want to be able to time that landing with the timing of the end of the clean where they

  • get up into the rack position with the dumbbells. You keep trying to get faster at the clean

  • and more precise and farther with your jump. Be powerful. Again, don’t train these to

  • failure, to where your form breaks down.

  • Do them so you get good, high quality reps. That's going to make you more powerful. Finally,

  • I talked about pushing faster, or pushing with more power. Whether you be an MMA grappler,

  • or a fighter and you need pushing power, or punching power. What you want to do is, ditch

  • one of the dumbbells during a dumbbell bench press and accelerate the one that you do have.

  • Now what you'll do is you'll use your dummy hand and on the empty hand will drive the

  • acceleration. Trying to do this with one arm tucked to your side isn't normal. Think about

  • back at the example where I said someone wanted to throw harder. They do this because they're

  • doing what's instinctive. If I want to punch that way, this one goes back because I rotate

  • the other way.

  • So what we want to do is mimic that, allow your body to work the way it should. So as

  • this arm's up, it's pulling down as this one comes up and I blow up and I pull up and I

  • keep doing that opposite motion trying to drive up with as much power as I can in the

  • weighted arm. These will help you to become more powerful and your physique will represent

  • that because if you don’t train for power your physique will lack that quality of power.

  • It's going to lack that look of an Olympic sprinter. That powerful, dense looking muscle.

  • You're going to need to train this way if you want to get this way. Guys, I train you

  • like this with ATHLEANX. It's about being and athlete. It's about overlooking no element

  • of training. It's about giving you the exercises and the way to do them at the right time so

  • you're not overlooking anything that I deem is important to get you to the end goal.

  • If you're looking for that program, guys, you can find it over at In the

  • meantime, if you've found this video helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs

  • up below. If you want me to cover more power and more power exercises let me know and I'll

  • cover them here on this channel.

  • All right, guys. I'll be back here again real soon. See you.

What's up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere,


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