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  • How to replace and hang an internal door.

  • You will need a tape measure.

  • ...a cordless drill...

  • ...a spirit level...

  • ......a drillbit set....

  • .....a small cordless screwdriver...

  • .....A spade piece drill set...

  • ....cordless electric planer...

  • ...circular saw...

  • ....mallet...

  • ...wood chisel set...

  • ....hand sand paper...

  • ...set square...

  • ...triming knife...

  • door...

  • ...door handle and/or lock fixtures...

  • ...door hinges...

  • ...screws...

  • Hi I'm Craig Phillips and welcome to my trade tips.

  • Today I am going to show you how you can hang a new door into an existing frame.

  • The first thing that you are going to need to do is purchase the new door.

  • Now size is important, what you need to do is try and buy one that is a similar size to the existing on thats here.

  • Of course you have to measure it form the width and the top to the bottom for the height.

  • Remember that you can always cut a little bit off but you can never add any on.

  • Now I have removed the door, I am going to take this to the workshop and offer it up against the new door so I can line the hinges and handles up ready to notch out.

  • I am now in the workshop ready to cut the door down to size and notch the hinges out.

  • I have measured it against the existing door and frame and do know that I need to take 10mm off the bottom of the door.

  • So I am going to draw a guide line on there with my spirit level and pencil.

  • And then I am going to cut it down using a circular saw, I have set the guide at 10mm

  • Hopefully that should cut it exactly where I need it.

  • [saw cutting]

  • Perfect cut

  • All I need to do now is sand down the edges to take off any splinters.

  • Now I am ready to plane a little bit off the side.

  • Now I have repositioned the door, I have firmly secured it in position between two benches ready to plane down.

  • [electric planer sounds]

  • Now I have planed 1mm off that I know it will fit nice and snug against the existing door frame.

  • Now I am going to use the hand sander to take any splinters off the edges.

  • Now it is ready to mark up for the hinges.

  • I have now clamped the existing door to the back of the new door so that I can line the hinges up.

  • I have got myself a set square to make sure that the two top ends are square.

  • The I can mark up all three hinges with a pencil, now I can get ready to mark up and notch them out.

  • Now the three locations for the hinges are all notched out, I am ready to screw them into position.

  • First off all I am going to drill a pilot hole so that the wood doesn't split and then screw them down firmly.

  • Perfect. That 's the hinges fitted nice and flush with the edge of the door, and I'm ready to do two more...

  • We have now repositioned the door, we are measuring up to get an accurate marking of where the existing handle was.

  • Make sure it is square accross the side of the door, again using the set square.

  • I can find myself the centre of the door edge, and I am then ready to drill a hole through there to fit the latch.

  • Now it needs to go back about 65mm so I am going to make a mark and the end of my spade piece at 65 mm,

  • so that I don't drill down too far into the door.

  • Now I have drilled that out to the required depth, what I need to do is create the right shape to match the square shape of the latch.

  • So I will mark that up and I will chisel it out using a chisel.

  • Now that we have created the hole for the latch to actually fit into, the next hole we need to do is in both sides of the door

  • to let the bar go through there to enable the handle to operate the latch.

  • The way we do that is measure up from there, mark it on the door and drill through both sides.

  • Now hopefully when we put that latch into position and we slide the bar through...

  • Perfect, what we need to do now is place the handles into position and drill some more pilot holes before screwing them firmly down on both sides.

  • That is the handles and the hinges now fitted and it is ready to take it back in the house and hang the door.

  • Now the first thing you are going to need to do is line the new door up with the existing frame and where the previous hinges were notched out.

  • Now this can be a little bit tricky if your on your own and have got nobody to hold the door.

  • |What you will need to do is get two bars to wedge it up into position and line the hinges up.

  • Once you have lined the hinges up, you will be able to get your first screw in it.

  • Once you have got your first one in, you can do the same with the bottom one.

  • And then one in the top hinge.

  • Now having three screws in there should take the weight of the door, you can now remove the bars and check that the door closes

  • and the latch clips into place......

  • perfect!

  • Once you are happy with that you can carry on putting the rest of the screws into all the hinges.

  • ...and that is how easy it is to hang your own door.

  • Hopefully my trade tips will instill the confidence in you to be able to do it yourself.If you have got any DIY questions that you would like me to answer

  • fire them over to the website,

  • or if you want to purchase any of the tools that I have been using in the video, please visit

How to replace and hang an internal door.


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