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  • Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh

  • I swear, when they dance I just, cannot.

  • Yeah, look at their hair.

  • They still watching Kpop?

  • This whole time!

  • How does he do that!?

  • I don't get it.

  • I mean, they don't even speak Korean.

  • Do they... uh, how can you love something so much that you can't even understand?

  • What's there to get, man?

  • It's a group of really good looking Asian guys that can sing and dance.

  • Well, I mean we're a group of good looking Asian....

  • Well, I mean we can sing.

  • Dancing is uhm...

  • (No.)

  • Well, we're all Asian!

  • We're all Asian!

  • Yeah, right! Yes, yes, yes!

  • You can learn to sing and dance.

  • You can't learn to be Asian

  • What makes them so different then?

  • Its because they are are all like (Kpop). (weird moan) They got rows of abs..

  • like nine..

  • Wait wait wait.

  • Why don't we just do that then?

  • Do what?

  • Why don't we just make a group, why don't we make a Kpop band?

  • Yeah..

  • No no no. Guys, look. You just said it yourself we can't sing or dance

  • Well I mean we can autotune ourselves!

  • (yeah)

  • But that doesn't negate the fact that we can't speak Korean.

  • - Wait... David's Korean - Yeah, he's Korean

  • - Dude, you're super Korean! - I'm... pretty Korean

  • Wait but can you speak it?

  • Kind of.

  • Okay, how do you say "Girl you have beautiful eyes"?

  • Oooh! Yo, yo, yo. How do you say "Look at us sexy guys"?

  • David, how do you say, like, "Hey girl... you the shit"

  • Dude

  • Girl is yeoja..

  • Shit is dong

  • (Singing in Korean)

  • (Singing in Korean)

  • Ha ha ha

  • (Slow piano melody)

  • Wait..

  • What? What's wrong?

  • I have to go poop.

  • That is disgusting! And so immature!

  • - ♫ Dong Saya... ♫ - ... Teehee!

  • (kpop music)

  • Dong Saya

  • (piano melody)

Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh


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BgA - 東沙耶大(똥싸야돼) M/F (BgA - Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼) M/V)

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