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  • NARRATOR: Imagine this a world without forests, flowers, trees, or grain.

  • No kangaroos or cattle.

  • No monkeys or pandas.

  • No lions, tigers or bears.

  • Inconceivable!

  • Fact is, there's a precious natural resource

  • that all these plants and animals need that's vital for their survival.

  • And it's being degraded daily.

  • We humans also rely on this precious resource.

  • We grow food in it and build, walk, and ride on it every day.

  • But as a society, we give little attention to taking care of it.

  • Which natural resource are we talking about?

  • Soil.

  • Soil for life.

  • Soil is one of our most important natural resources.

  • We, and all land-based plants and animals,

  • can't survive without its critical support.

  • Healthy fertile soil doesn't only support food production,

  • it also stores and purifies water.

  • And it's vital for biodiversity.

  • Did you know that soil plays host to 25% of all our plants' biodiversity?

  • Soil also contains more organic carbon than there

  • is in all our land-based vegetation and atmosphere combined.

  • So soil can hold mega amounts of CO2 and play a vitally important role

  • in offsetting the effects of climate change.

  • But all these benefits depend on healthy soil.

  • Unfortunately, poor land management around the world

  • is making soil susceptible to water and wind erosion,

  • loss of nutrients and biodiversity, increased salinity,

  • and various other threats that make them unhealthy.

  • With soil degradation occurring every day,

  • the soil's ability to support our ever-growing population and life

  • on Earth is being significantly reduced.

  • Because soil degradation happens much faster than soil formation

  • or regeneration, it is vital that we do more now

  • to protect soil for future generations before it's too late.

  • Sound like a good idea to you?

  • Join us in the Soil4Life MOOC and learn about sustainable soil management

  • for the future.




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